An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                            this could have been a pencil, a paint brush or a flower pot

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    You will remember from the Money page that "the Ross DMC themes include:
  • Responding to members' wants and needs
  • Physical and mental exercise, and often combined
  • Reminiscence
  • Song and music
  • The DIY approach

Taking them one at a time, we'll explore.

Responding to members' wants and needs

If this is to work, members are advised to think about the topic from time to time.  There are opportunities to put ideas forward built into the scheme of things.  Any request may be dependent on the making or purchase of new equipment.  Either way, a budget needs to be formulated on the hoof.

Physical and mental exercise, and often combined

First use of the header graphic.  Often, music will be involved, even in the mental exercise dimension. 

Name that tune, who sang it, when, why?  We all sing it.  Not on the same day if lyrics need to be put on a screen or on paper when members remember a song they'd like to sing. . . without warning.

Reminiscence  overlaps with the last section now and then

This is from the press release:

Come on in Ross residents, companies and organisations.  The first level of help from residents is encouragement.  Reminiscence therapy is well-used within DMCs and participants enjoy including their photos and memorabilia in the reminiscence sessions. Making the most of long-term memory contributes to mental and overall wellbeing.  

Sharing memories is a major part of that. Gazette readers are asked to share (by donating) those long-since seen items in the loft. That mincer or washboard dating from 1940 etc, A Woodbines packet, empty OXO cube boxes, that string of pearls, original versions of Snakes & Ladders, Ludo, Happy Families.  Jig saws of the era.  Those vinyl records and long-since used CDs of old songs and music can be handed in at the  to be confirmed. Add working Meccano models etc, and miniature Minis. You get the idea, don't you. Please don't give clothes in need of carbon dating. However, more-recent fancy dress will be enjoyed again. Musical instruments of any age will be appreciated.  Nothing mouth-blown thanks - Health & Safety.  Ross DMC participants can buy recorders for £2, when the time comes.  Learning something new is mentally beneficial.

You can start the ball rolling.

And that leads to the fourth-down picture here.

Song and music

See photos later.

The DIY approach


      Make a three dimensional one of these!

      Combining DIY and an instrument here.

Musical instruments

We end the page for the time being with lists of musical instruments.  The website author has run music therapy sessions for many years and the collection on loan for use by volunteers includes:

  • Two ukuleles  

  • guitars of varying sizes 
  • Drums - about eight  

  • Tambourines - seven
  • A hand bell
  • A slide or Swannee whistle  *
  • skiffle double bass.  However, my                 version is a Rush-in Double                               Bass comprising one, perhaps two                   smaller ones inside like a Russian                   doll. here 

  • Plastic recorders* - three
  • Chime bars - two
  • Pipes of Pan*

  • *see right column 
  • .

    Musical instruments needed

    Several gongs of differing sizes.  A large one or two would be very welcome

    A rattle, perhaps a football rattle

    A skiffle washboard and thimbles

    *A note on mouth-blown instruments

    The author does not believe in members sharing this type of instrument.  Brass and woodwind are definitely out unless members bring their own.

    Plastic recorders are cheap and these are numbered when taken out of the wrapping.  A note is made re who uses which and they are hygienically stored .  At £2 - members can buy their own.

    Chime bar at the back.  Bird warbler on the left. Mouse squeaker on the right.  

    The rule above applies to anything mouth-blown.

    Kazoos on the left are in abundance in the author's collection and all are numbered from new.

     Teresa's and my videos, songs and music  here
    Chime bars again, front right.  More tambourines. Three recorders.  more drums.  A xylophone .  The mouse and bird warbler again, on the drum.  There are several guitars of different sizes.

    The garden is on the right. more.

    There are more instruments in the collection and we will end with this. 

    This is large and heavy and with no storage space available, this won't be used much.

    Use it to play canned music.  That sounds awful but there's a lot to choose from and some tunes etc are very good.  

    One good thing is variation of the playing speed. 

    There is a piano in the church and one in the coffee room.  

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