An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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  1. The following text/pages  etc are first draft and contain links to enable first readers to see context. The links might promote wider thinking.   The links will be removed before publication.  

  2. It is advised that a separate website is used.  Readers will be distracted by the DIY elements here. They do not need to know about caregivers as a word for carers here.  "What makes a carer?" can be covered in a carer session.  more  Ensuring that carers know about ICE will be dealt with in the first session. more  There are too many pages to link to which provide justification for a separate website.

  3. Anyone who has or knows anyone with website expertise, please say on Friday or email.  Thank you. 

* Use of the word caree saves frequent use of the lengthier (but more descriptive) - "the person being cared for", or (the factual) - "person with dementia". 

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  1. The Home page header graphic could be A) the same as on the Christ Church website.   A well-used graphic is B) here.  It could be  C) the Market House - no church.    A) shows where to go. 

  2. source of 1. - in the left column under While policy is being discussed  which is under  -    An operational budget for Year 1  here

26 Oct - Have just posted the Song and music page here which emphasises the "us" dimension and there's going to be more first-person used.  Thus far, I hadn't envisaged adding a welcome to the Home page but now think it necessary.