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DC Emails at 23 Nov                                                Ross DMC stocktaking here

On 05/11/2016 16:25, DC wrote:

Just a note to let you know I have been in contact with the lady who has done some Dementia Friends training for St Mary’s church.  We will be speaking properly once I get back from my travels (towards the end of November) in order to arrange suitable training for our needs for the  Dementia Meeting Centre.  She is aware of the Leominster model and is very encouraged to hear that we will be starting a centre here in the new year. I will keep you informed once I have the potential dates.

PD and PD are on the case with regard organising a business plan, in order that we might apply for start-up funding through organisations such as Rotary and the Town Council. 

We have had a member of the congregation come forward after the church meeting to volunteer.  Hopefully the article in the church newsletter ‘Connections’ will also bring forward some additional volunteers.  I will be emailing members of churches together, with an invitation to hear about the plans we have for the NEST and will include details of our plans for the DMC.

I get back on Thursday evening 17th November, and hope to see some of you at R & F's wedding on the 18th

5 Nov my reply 

Thanks D

The plan could be for a vol to be a Champion and do the DF training.  Keeps it in house.  Also to give a full Champion talk to all vols and anyone else.  Failing that, I am a Champion.

It's good to think that someone else is interested.  Why not ask her to join the project?

Looking now at the MH Group on 9 Nov, Anne and I need to know your thoughts.

It tackles Dem Friendly Communities.  That involves Dem Action Alliance - DAA.  If MHG is to publicise DFCs soon, do I put forward the motion that our initial publicity can be part of it?  Ditto any public meeting in Feb.  Do I invite members to participate in what we are doing?  Other Qs to discuss before 9 Nov.

I hope to see a wider discussion via email and hope you will give me Anne's email info.  She and I can look at various issues before the meeting.  I propose to start the process of joining DAA.

The two DMCs have stakeholders drawn from  similar lists to this:

Alliance Members 

1.     Age UK Herefordshire & Worcestershire


3.     Alzheimer's Society


5.     Bluebird Care (Herefordshire)


7.     English Symphony Orchestra


9.     Healthwatch Herefordshire


11. Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service


13. Herefordshire Carers Support


15. Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group


17. Midland Heart


19. Monnow Valley Arts


21. Services for Independent Living


23. Stonewater


25. The Courtyard Centre for the Arts


27. Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police


29. West Midlands Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust


31. Wye Valley NHS Trust

source if needed

As I asked earlier -

Do I invite members to participate in what we are doing?  This time - MHG.


One reason for raising the point is that such orgs participate in the management of their DMC.  Do we want to follow the model?

Another is that when we are registered with DAA, we can network and raise awareness of what we are doing.  One of us can attend meetings to influence the future of local dem care provision.

I thought you and I were to have met to look at an undefined list of topics.  There is no momentum re recruiting vols.  How many from the AGM?  Who is it who has come forward?  I know that no one looking at the set of webpages headed Ross DMC.  I hope there will be a recruitment plan beyond leaflets and Connections.

We could have looked at HVOS.  I think I should start a conversation with Anne.  It is no use delaying a lot of the action just because Christmas looms.

We need a list of vols so that roles and tasks can be spread. A lot of prelim work needs doing before vols start training.

If Dr Lennae does raise participants, I can meet them before Christmas at the surgery.  However, I think it will take him ages.  Will raise the topic on 9 Nov.

What's the latest re Stephen and any guess as to he and I talking?  You and Anne included.  

Regarding Pat and Philip Dazeley being on the case with regard organising a business plan, we are a good way away from making any application. A lot of infrastructure to build yet.

There really is a lot more I could write but there's enough here to deal with.

Best wishes



5 nov

I’m afraid at the moment I am running out of time to do any more than I already have.  Tomorrow I have two services, morning and evening, and then I am away until the 17th November, but coming back to an extremely busy time.

I will look at all the stuff you have sent out in the past week in due course, however one of my concerns is that everything is very wordy and it is off putting to people who are visual/auditory learners and receivers of information.  We need to work on that, if we are to make it attractive to people.

With regard the MHSG meeting on the 9th November, again the group does not need to be burdened with too much information.  It can be appraised of our current situation, in that we need to do some general house-keeping first – training, DBS clearance etc, arranging the programme – and that we will be ready to roll this out on the 1st March.  My understanding of the MHSG is that it is not a ‘doing’ group, but it is there to support and signpost, so all those who are involved in the work know what is available.  

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