An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

2 Jan

  1. DC plans to hold an Open Day on March 1.  Carees and carers are going to feel like goldfish in a bowl.  There will be razmataz which they can do without before they feel secure in the new situation.  Two or three weeks later is a different matter.  They can be told in the afternoon of March 1 and will have a fortnight to acclimatise.
  2. If we are to approach the Council for £750, we may be stuck with the Mayor to open the DMC.  I have written twice on the DMC subject but not on the opening  last summer with no reply.  I have other ideas as to who will open it, given that it needs to be opened.  Decision can be made after proper discussion. 

  1. The DMC has no infrastructure.  There is no Advisory Board (AB) open to public scrutinity.  The present arrangement has not announced that it is the Decision-Making Body (DMB) which, effectively, it is..  CC Council (CCC) is advised to decide what its formal relationship with the DMC is.  It is recommended to become the AB. 

  2. The AB needs to be properly constituted in order to attract stakeholders.  It needs to decide if it will be a stakeholder itself.  If CCC needs an explanation, I will happily explain. 

  3. I know nothing about any action taken to train volunteers.  That situation must change very soon.  

  4. Ditto regarding documentation relating to carers and carees.  What records will be maintained.

  5. The publicity has only gained one volunteer.  

  6. The CCC cannot ignore these problems.  The website is crucial to success and DC needs to recognise that.  Its content is subject to discussion.  Once agreed, a good starting point is a link to it from the CC website.  Another action is to include the DMC on the NEST boards.  

  7. I demonstrated on Sunday that I am sorry for any upset caused to individuals.  

to be continued

1 Jan 2017

  1. Now that SM is aware of the real situation, I am more confident that proper attention will be given to the  unwarranted complexities arising from the interaction between DC and I.   In one sentence, they amount to my exclusion  from the DMC decision-making body. 

  2. Some text has been scored through.  Updates are in italics up to the heading - Fund-raising.

  3. I sent DC an email on 16 Dec saying that "There is text to deal with which is on a page not dealt with on 15 Dec." which was when she told me that no one will work with me.  That is dealt with below.

  4. The link to this page was included in that email.  I sent her a reminder on 20 Dec.  Clearly, she has decided not to answer.

16 Dec

  1. This is the beginning of the hand-over process.                                                  hidden page  B1 applies

  2. The website now only gives your name as contact.  here    If I see mentions of me, they will be removed.                        
  3. There is the matter of equipment to deal with.  

  4.      Activities - purchases and DIY  here   There is more equipment not listed.  Equipment here could be loaned.

  5. The six week activities list.  I will need to know the interests and capabilities of the volunteers before starting.  You can say that A is an OT, B is a CPN etc and I do not need names.  I have already prepared a selection on a webpage to choose from here.  This is the way things are done today.  If you do not want to use it. it is your choice.  You could consider a volunteer pasting the info onto A4 paper.

  6. The same applies to the Ross DMC website which sets out methodology etc.  If of no use, I will take it down.

  7.  The reason for maintaining it is simple.  Numerous applications for funding and joining support organisations such as Dementia Action Alliance will be made.  They all ask for a link to the appropriate website.  

  8. There is the matter of the library dementia exhibition to deal with.  You need to decide soon if your team  wants to display material on your our project.  Your team will therefore run it.  If not, I will email Phil Shackell to ask if he wants the MHG to take responsibility for it.  I will not be involved. 

  9.  Your team will therefore run it. 

  10. The DMC decision-making body needs to decide very soon that I will join it after which time, we can discuss how we will operate.


  1. January 25 is Robert Burns Day. What is the maximum number to sit down to a proper meal at lunch time or in the evening?  Better to arrange for the Friday or Saturday evening.   

  2. In 2008, I piped at Monmouth Castle.  Tickets were expensive and it was a RNLI black-tie event.  Towards the end, envelopes were placed on the tables.  There were numerous individual donations of £500 and £1000.  Obviously, guests were wealthy and influential.  It was a fine-food dinner.  Who can suggest how we target such people?

  3. Contrast that with Brampton Village Hall another year.  £10 tickets and egg mayonnaise, haggis, swede and mash, followed by trifle.

  4. If CC is interested, its venue won't suit the first clientele but we shouldn't go to the Brampton Hall level.

  5. If interested, I will add much more info.

  6. Far less formal is "A ‘Sit-down’ Ceilidh and Burns Nicht - in the afternoon".  It could be for the DMC participants, their families, and possibly - CC members.  A chance for integration and better awareness for CC members.  You may not want to bring participants in so early and they could be invited to a public event.

  7. Put the price up and raise funds from a much larger audience-participation session separately.  more

  8. If 250 attend at the Larruperz Centre, quite a few vols from CC could help.  The webpage says "Anyone can tell a story, sing a song or whatever. This dates from the days when people made their own entertainment.  Those were the days!"  Who are the CC members with persuasive skills?  Organise half a dozen CC members to contribute with song etc, as needed on the day.

  9. The latest Alzheimer mag talks about a Dementia Ball.

  1. New Year's Eve on looks horrendous here  and here.  

  2. It's a matter of faith in young people.  I am prepared to emerge from the shadows with bagpipe in hand on the stroke of midnight.  CC members distribute leaflets.  Several carry collection boxes.  An engagement protocol has been agreed and understood by everyone.   Probably need to contact Ross TC before.

  3. One CC member needs to be at our house at 2300 to be with T.  

Final note on funding

  1. One of your team to explore these.  You will know many more.




  5. This text was on a page to deal with on 15 Dec.  Key points are to be found under  *2  etc  The fund-raising section is at source    *4    

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