An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                     If you are not enjoying yourselves, you'll have whisky in your tea! 

A day in the life of Ross Dementia Meeting Centre 
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Carees and carers will have received a letter describing the main aspects of the DMC before they arrive. These include an important theme -  emphasis on the Ross DMC responding to the wishes and declared requirements of individual members, and arising from group discussion.  

Another important theme which runs through the weeks as people settle in is exercise, both physical and mental and often combined.  The third theme is reminiscence.  Making full use of remembered events etc in earlier life is an important aspect of wellbeing.  The fourth important theme is song and music. Sometimes it is combined with reminiscence.  Singing almost-forgotten old songs while, say, hand-jiving, combines all four themes.

In summary, the Ross DMC themes include:
  1. Responding to members' wants and needs
  2. Physical and mental exercise, and often combined
  3. Reminiscence
  4. Song and music
A fifth theme will emerge in due course.

Here's a good way to warm up after arriving. Keep it up at home.

You'll have had a cuppa first.

The first day will include ICE.

                 Outline for a typical day

Arrival from 1040  - beverage available

The time has been announced (in paperwork before arrival) as 1100 and the day starts promptly at 1105. 

The day ends promptly at 1445 due to members who are to be collected at 1500

1105 to 1120 - A welcome cuppa, news                                       and details re lunch

1120 to 1200 - first activity - example here

1200 to 1220 - toilet break  -  cuppa

1220 to 1300 - second activity - it could be                                  making lunch - see below

1300 to 1400 - lunch including clearing,                                      washing up all part of using our
                                             output in the therapeutic context  and WC

1400 to 1445 - third activity - probably quite                              relaxed.  Conclude with                                      diary/log* and outline for                                    next week

1445              - hats and coats - reminder of                                programme for the next week

1500              - departure

* It will have been explained that everyone has       the same ring-binder.

We will discuss lunch.

Something simple  ...

or meat and two veg?


all part of using our
output in the therapeutic context 

             Jenga is high tension - positive tension 

During the game, players take turns removing one block at a time from a tower constructed of 54 blocks. Each block removed is then balanced on top of the tower, creating a progressively taller but less stable structure.   more

Develops eye-hand coordination and thinking- skills. Develops competition and  team cohesion.

DIY-produced as another example of using our
output in the therapeutic context.


              Making pizzas will keep us busy 
We will eat together every day; £5 more*  per head will be pooled towards a shared meal  

£1 per head to cover unlimited hot and cold drink has been included 

The shared meal can be made by all working as a team . . 

or by a smaller number of members while the rest are involved in another activity 

After Day 1, two carees and a volunteer might shop for the food as part of the day's activities  

Another way is to use outside resources such as take-away including fish and chips

Final method - delivered meal by previous look at menu online but it's more costly and diffficult to organise - perhaps try it in Week 4.

Any surplus will go towards art etc materials

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