An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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This page is about turning black into grey and, as appropriate, nearer to white as possible.

the nearest to white.
The Ross DMC carer support programme includes helping carers and self-carers to develop their coping skills. Coping is the way in which they adapt within difficult circumstances.   Newly acquired adaptation skills can then be applied to dealing with stress. Part of that is increasing adaptation capacity in the fight to decrease stress.

The ability of any carer to adapt in that context is dependent on internal and external variables. 

The external variables include:

            The severity of one's caree's cognitive disorders and comorbidities
            The efficiency of carer support organisations

            The efficiency of Social Services, the NHS, ad infinitum

We will look at those and other external sources of stress such as dementia stigma within discussion sessions attended by carers, independent carees, trained volunteers and visits by dementia specialists.

The internal factors can include the list which begins with "A caring and considerate nature." here.

The carers and independent carees as a broad group, the volunteers, and referred specialists as needed, work specifically from time to time helping the broad group to deal with:

  • Developing and maintaining a positive attitude

  • The extent of their caree burden and any caree comorbidities

  • The extent of their carer burden and any comorbidities
  • The way in which they adapt within difficult circumstances

  • The ability to project themselves from negative stance to the positive

  •                             develop and preserve an emotional balance

  •                                         maintain a positive self-image

  •                                                        good social (family and friends) relationships

  •                                                                 relationships with healthcare professionals

The ways in which the topics become reality are summarised at this stage:

  • Participation within and contributing to meaningful therapeutic activities

  • Carer/independent caree one-to-one sessions with a volunteer trained to identify specific problems and make referrals

  • Discussion within carer group meetings

  •                             combined carer and caree group meetings

  • Help with managing memory problems, managing day to day problems, planning ahead with memory problems e.g. legal issues
  • Planning ahead - topics include Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Assistance with documentation, practical, emotional and social issues with referrals as appropriate

Prime stress

Carers need to be ready for emergencies but, when a new type arrives, readiness might not surface. 

See Transient ischaemic attack  here.

Sharing such stories is part of carer group cohesion and mutual support.


Further to the header caption - the carer-caree couple united within dark-pain - in many cases, the caree cannot articulate, even less about pain, even less about loneliness.  That adds to the carer stress which adds to carer loneliness.


Assistance with documentation

The first goal is understanding specific             purpose

Being able to complete forms comes later

                Ideally, but rarely, positivity creeps in.

            The reality is below. 

image for State of Caring report

I receive direct payments to buy in care for my mother.

Recently a health professional enquired about who owns the house. It is my mother’s house but was put into my name many years ago, to avoid future distress and confrontation concerning members of the family who have never offered any support or care, but have received monetary gifts. What is my legal situation with regards to direct payments? I do not want to put my future security in jeopardy.

Is the house taken into account if it is in my name?

Ross DMC volunteers are trained to know where to find answers and refer accordingly.

more on this problem here

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