An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                          both caree and carer feel the pain - but in different ways 

Activities for both carees and their carers                                              Ross DMC Home page here

As both caree and carer feel the dementia pain, Ross DMC supports them together.  The way in which their separate support is given is on other pages.

  1. Recreational and social activities, such as painting, shopping and helping to prepare a simple lunch, story-telling by the members, charity shop dash, swimming, and activities you might like to suggest

  2. Swimming, trips to the Hereford Memory Museum here or a nearby gardens or garden centres, a booked lunch somewhere, and new requests involving several hours will be arranged by agreement, to take place on different days from the Wednesday.  This is so that the planned sequence of Wednesday therapeutic activities can proceed.   

  3. Music and singing based sessions – including invites into centre. Making music together.  Making instruments.  Making quiet. Making noise. Making therapy.

  4. Poetry here 

  5. Gentle exercise, dance, music and movement

  6. Newspaper /interest or discussion group

  7. IT projects/ Ipad and tablet use/ finding out about new resources/ reminiscence projects 

  8. Practical groups- Knit and Natter - making things, Shed Talk - planning handyman sessions elsewhere.  Combined groups such as - gardening -  table top projects e.g. bulb planting

  9. Massage, nail sessions, hair-dressing - usually by visiting specialists - to discuss payment

  10. Visits to, from, and combining with existing and other DMCs when more are in operation

  11. Combined activities with local care support groups

  12. Visits from healthcare professionals such as occupational therapists, community psychiatric nurses

  13. Regular consulting sessions
  15. Further topics are welcomed from members and volunteers 

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                     Ross DMC Home page here

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