An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                                       This costs £35.  Ross DMC will DIY it.
                                                  It's a cheese and you throw cloth mice into it.

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13 Sept

Ross Dementia Meeting Centre project - Hard-copy to Dr L 13 Sept 2016  here

Deborah 11 Sept

Adding notes in this way will reduce email traffic.  If you'd like to say in a quick email after chunks  seen it, I can label additions Update.  

Before starting, a note on Church area use.   

This continues previous dialogue and is from -  Email - A DMC for Ross  here

It is encompassed within ways and means.

7.3.3  Use of rooms

  1. From our brief chat on Sunday (two weeks ago) , I gather the main activity area to be the Church itself

  2. It is hoped that the back room will be available

  3. I hope to take a look at available storage space, if any

The main activity area, having taken another look, would be the back room.  (Christ Church - CC- probably has a name for it.) It would save a lot of seating management.  

Assume for the moment that we arrive at twenty clients and three volunteers, plus me. There will be times when we split into two groups.  A dozen people can sit in a circle at the back of the Church area without moving more than the twelve seats.  The backroom seats can come from the dining area.

With thought on CC equipment useful to the project, this is from further down this page:

2.1  Equipment

  1. Find out what equipment is available at Christ Church - CC,   Computer projector, screen?  OHP ?  Audio equipment? Film projector? Copier?  
Continuing thoughts gathered after looking around today, I note that there are screens.  No office space revealed itself so no copier.  A computer projector and film projector can be hired.

Will the table tennis table be available?  

Ditto flip chart.  Will use own paper and pens.


Without wishing to add to your priorities, could you please give me a brief summary of the timing involved in the decision process?  


copy of email 11 Sept


You have used the word "hospitality" several times recently and I said I'd send you some text.

A somewhat specialised look at hospitality is here.

Hope it's of use.




Ross DMC - ways and means 

More ways than means.

Vol = volunteer

Page to be read by those Elders who wish to, the volunteers, and possibly potential stakeholders.


1  Some preliminaries

2  The practical aspects  here 

3  Activities    here  

4  Meetings

For much later consideration - Fund raising

Photos copied from the latest press-release page.

1  Some preliminaries

1.1  Paperwork

1.1.1.    The  way the project and Christ Church - CC  - work together.  For issue to everyone involved  cc CC Chair
  1. The aims of the project and how they are hoped to be achieved

  2. The host role of  CC

  3. My role

  4. Role of volunteers

  5. Fire drill programme
  7. It needs to be clear to all that medium/long-term parking outside the Church, even involving wheelchairs, is not permitted

  8. It needs to be clear to all that carers remain in the building at all times when their carees are in it.  

  9. Need a sentence on carees prone to wandering

  10. Need a sentence on personal liability and indemnity?  Sorry re don't know his name.  A man spoke to me on Sunday about arranging insurance and he will send info.

  11. DBS - vols -  There’s no charge if you’re a volunteer. here

1.1.2  For carers

  1. Important stipulations such as no personal care can be carried out.  This involves use of the WC.  Also medication.  PR A11  here

  2. Emphasise

  3. The routine + parking

  4. The reg docs which they have prev been sent, to bring on Day 1
  6. Recommended.  Medical  aspects depend on source - GP, DN, OT, Gazette etc.  Progress to long questionnaire such as we discussed on Thursday 8 Sept.

  7. The email to Dr Lennane needs an answer   -   see 8  New heading - Email to Dr Lennane 6 Sept here

1.1.3   For members - carers and carees
  1.  no list yet

1.1.4   For volunteers
  1. Ask them to read this set of pages and return a printed A5 with their interests?

  2. DBS forms or online - as above

  3. An A4 sheet on the role, a "how to" section.  It will include lifting carees, and other safety points.  as above.

1.1.5   Documentation - Participant records
  1. Elders to decide re joining the main project. Either way, a system needs to be devised.  The decision is recommended for after Christmas.
  3. I recommend discussion with them.  The main project is a nightmare.  The decision is recommended for after Christmas.
  5. However - 1, dealing with the research aspects is prominent.  I anticipate that they will not be included within our project. 

  6. However 2 - there's a lot of meetings and reading. 
  8. Meetings can be chosen if the decision is not to join.  There's a series on understanding dementia.  

  9. As  a Dementia Champion, I am licensed to give talks.  A one/two hour session soon for Elders, even all, can be delivered soon.

1.1.6   Documentation - Project records
  1. Daily finance

  2. Daily log - who attended, what was done,  schedule maintained, recommended changes, costs, visitors, key points - + and minus

  3. Visitor book

1.1.7   Documentation - The relationship between the project and CC.  
  1. = T & C?  
  2.     Contract?
  3.     Booking forms en route via Chris
  4.     Insurance ditto - don't remember name
  5.     See   1  Some preliminaries above

2  The practical aspects  - transferred to here

3  Activities  -  Activities section  here 


4  Meetings

 4.1   Types

Bold text = regular (1/pcm) when project passes the pilot stage, during which 2 or 3 times

Purpose - to obtain feedback to help planning.  If tied into the international project, there are plenty of forms.

  1. Carees, carers, front-of-house vols, admin vols, Elders rep(s) (DC?)
  3. Carees, carers, front-of-house vols

  4. Carees, carers 

  5. Carees

  6. Carers

  7. The above take place in activity time.  AFH present.

  8. Vols and AFH   -  before launch and every day at end of day 

  9. Front-of-house vols and AFH - ditto

  10. DC and AFH 

  11. Elders rep(s) AFH  DC?

  12. Others requested by Elders rep(s) and DC

For much later consideration

Fund raising here.  A Burns Nicht in the third week of January. This is what happens at a typical Burns Dinner 
or Supper here.  In case it's not looked at, it's an early website of mine and I play the bagpipe and cover any toasts which no one else wants to do.  Not the "The reply for the lassies." although I have more skirts than Teresa.

Nearer the time, readers can see a video of the piper.

Leominster programmes here include the word "Ceilidh".  No more to be said.

"A ‘Sit-down’ Ceilidh" provides opps for exercise at the DMC.    

Photos from here.  Updates in blue text.  

Host to please establish text here.  So far, we have:

Christ Church

Edde Cross Street, Ross-on-Wye, HR9 7BZ

Host to the Ross Dementia Meeting Centre.

DC to decide re pic of DC.

                             1       Knit and natter 

                                          but see 17 and 18

                 2 Two of the three Leominster DMC staff.

                           It is open three days a week.


Don't think it's any good -  out of focus.

        3  Lone carer taking five minutes break in his                     shed.

  Ross DMC "shed talk" might plan a session together.


                    4     Singing with rhythm 

                Recycled songs Home page here


          5  Droitwich DMC percussion session

             AFH has a large collection of instruments.

       6     Teresa and Prof. Alan Harrison

                              Leominster tea dance 


          Could be expensive but we can do just as well.

Beat It Percussion works with a range of groups in the community.  Always good sessions at the Leominster.DMC


Could be expensive but well worth finding out.

                   A volunteer and focused caree

                                     from a NHS website

There'll be a good amount of art work.  Christmas cards on a production line basis! 

       10  A volunteer and focused caree

            from an Alzheimer's Society webpage


       11   A volunteer and happy caree

                           from a NHS website


     12      Volunteer with carer and caree

             from an Alzheimer's Care & Cure mag

    13    We all wear our name badges at the                                    Leominster DMC   . . . . 

                   The box via Shed talk.


      14    . . . . and carefully put them in the right                              compartment before we go home. 


     This carer's minor DIY project but keep it quiet.


 "The cheese" as it's called at the Leominster DMC is 4ft  on each side.  Members of two teams throw three quoits at a time.  

An expensive Leominster DMC item (see header graphic) prone to puncture.  Shed talk will come up with plastic tubs screwed to a piece of wood.


16     Recording the results of a team competition                    at Droitwich DMC.   


      17     Nothing matterers

                    when you're knitters-and-natterers!



Line dancing  knitting and nattering will be seen and heard at the Ross DMC.  By agreement.

Once a proper assessment has been carried out


                 19  The game of Jenga


       20     Plenty of positive tension!

                       see 3.4.3

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16 Sept  

Ignore this section and treat as archive - the up-to-date 

version is here

Let's begin.  

Timing needs an in-depth reassessment.  This continues previous text and is from -  Email - A DMC for Ross  here

Publicity Timing and related aspects  

Ignore small print which has been dealt with.  From 12 Sept to Nov 2, there are eight weeks.  

  1. Although the two DMCs operate on three days a week, it is proposed to operate Ross DMC on one day per week.

  2. Although the two DMCs operate from 10- 4, it is proposed to operate Ross DMC from 11 to 3 in the first two weeks and then assess the situation.

  3. Looking at the Christ Church calendar, Wednesday seems the most viable.

  4. A long draft press release has been written and it includes photos.  Once we have discussed the following it will be edited and handed to you.  You have the link variously on this page  which is in need of revision.  A week from publication date doesn't give enough time to recruit volunteers (some CC vols may come forward  after Elders' decision).  Retired and former healthcare workers will be added to the text.  

  5. What is the position re vols and DBS?  If vols come from within CC, can the DBS routine be completed on line in time for Nov 2?  Ditto if vols come forward after first PR.  The process after using the computer may be too long.  If so, can they begin on Nov 2?  I have never had any problem in the situation.  Assuming the go-ahead comes soon, it will take a week or so to find and assemble CC vols.

  6. Then, there is the aspect of vol training and other considerations.  First, the training.  Worc Uni charges £50.  I need to find out on Weds what that entails.  If it meets our needs, I will be trained ready to train our vols in certain aspects of the DMC care process.  We are not involved in healthcare, but if a caree needs help getting up from a chair, the reflex action is to help.  I need to see if an OTcan train.

  7. Back to publicity timing.  If our initial PR is ready to be sent to the Gazette on or by Mon 19 Sept  it could be published two days later.   Hope for vols to be ready for a meeting a week later on 28 Sept.  Five weeks before the launch.  Should be OK.

  8.   Look at the situation on 28 Sept  when a PR based on the page here is published.  There's six weeks to decide and manage subsequent PRs.  There are two fortnight-apart opps - -  12 Oct to update, and 28 Oct to remind that the doors open a week later.  Public meetings to be decided and included accordingly.

  9. When you have seen the initial PR, it goes to Dr Lennane.    

  10. That done, it goes to the Gazette.- RG  here but after that has been through the same process as this page

  11. The proposed DMC start date is Weds 2 Nov.  If that is too soon, please say when is OK.  Push the following on by whatever time needed.  We proceed without start date in mind.

  12. Copy needed by RG latest Monday 12 Sept for publication on the Weds, one week before.  Date to be decided.
  14. However, if accepted, it will need a full page if the long version is chosen.  

  15. I propose to take the draft in asap  during week commencing tomorrow Monday 5 Sept. Date to be decided.   As there are links, it is on a hidden webpage.  Links removed before RG sees it.

  16. Once the first press release has been accepted by RG,  I will send it to Phil Shackell.  Might bring the next meeting closer.  It is better to decide once things are more developed.


end of Timing

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