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Early in the project, there were 22 people interested.  Soon after, there were none.  It is a team of one.

Ross DMC volunteers                                                              Ross private Home page here 

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                                                                                                           Dementia  Action Alliance Application here.  not sent


29 Nov

Dancing With Dementia  here

I Nov below is important.

25 Nov

It is necessary to remove

This set of pages is under construction with the completion date set for a week before the intended local press release -  early December.

from  the green panel here.


See 5 Nov

22 Nov

Dementia  Action Alliance Application here.  not sent

10 Nov

see 6 Nov


Ross DMC volunteers are trained to know where to find answers and refer accordingly.

see foot of page here

We will be looking wider for volunteers soon and they will include a few with Citizens Advice Bureau experience.  

Stigma and discrimination - a NHS page  here

8 Nov

The how and why relating to song and music therapy here gives an overview for anyone thinking of being involved. Readers who want practical advice within a theoretical context and who have plenty of time could read this.

6 Nov

Anyone coming to this page for the first time will not know that there have been many updates.  Links within them have been posted to the right-hand column and won't mean much until source text has been read.

One way of beginning is to start from 15 Oct way down this page and work upwards to follow the story as it was written

Less-advised is to start from the foot of the link list. 

The Ross Mental Health Steering Group - MHSG - meets on Wednesday as people know from today's service sheet.  It presents a variety of project opportunities which I hope to turn into reality with the vols team in due course.

The text beginning with Members of Ross Mental Health Steering Group here gives one dimension of what needs to be done.

Update 10 Nov

The meeting took place yesterday.  The text now removed said

Members of Ross Mental Health Steering Group need an update re my email of several days ago which included:

"RDMC (Ross Dementia Meeting Centre) needed to make a decision concerning when Ross would be told via the Gazette on 23 Nov.  MHG members will note that the date allows for considerations identified on 9 Nov to be reflected in the press release."

There will be no press release until much later.

On the same page was

Links after 1 November

8 Nov  The how and why relating to song and music                     therapy here

This list is relevant to the 6 Nov update
  1. 1 Nov  Ross DMC Carers page here

  2. 29 Oct Set-up stage Home page here

  3.                  Leominster DMC admin aspects here.

  4. 24 Oct    Ross DMC - Home page  here 

  5. 22 Oct

    1. The Ross DMC set-up meeting here

    2. Intro - First Press Release here

    3. First Press Release  here 
    5. Herefordshire Dementia Friendly Communities here  Stats here

    6. Business Plan here  in outline only

  6.  21 Oct  Note to GP - 21 Oct 2016 here

  7.  20 Oct First donation!  here

  8.                Leominster pics here 

  9.             Carees paint pics here  A private page

  10. 19 Oct  Ross DMC - operation & mngmnt here 

  11. 18 Oct  Some £ optimism here

  12. 15 Oct  The first recommended page is FAQs.  

  13.             Volunteers page

  14.              Starter's orders here

  15.          . . private Ross Home page is here 

This set of pages is under construction with the completion date set for a week before the intended local press release of mid January

This now reads   -  early December

                              due to discussion on the 9th     see 25 Nov

Ross Mental Health Steering Group wants early joint publicity.

5 Nov - email

It can be appraised of our current situation, in that we need to do some general house-keeping first – training, DBS clearance etc, arranging the programme – and that we will be ready to roll this out on the 1st March. 

1 Nov

Ross DMC Carers page here, is a disguised set of factors anyone considering the on-stage volunteer role would be advised to read.  The team work text here applies and it and subsequent pages are all a draft stage.  Your input, the final version, and the press release will be decided once sufficient volunteers are assembled. 

The reader is reminded that dementia sufferers can be unpredictable.  If you are running an activity, have you had or are you willing to acquire the appropriate emergency training?  Are you confident that you can handle a reasonable range of emergencies. Will you contribute your knowledge, experience and feelings to the group?   

Go to - 2 Nov 2016 - Transient ischaemic attack (TIA) here, and test your feelings.  Could you take on the job of dealing with all risk assessments within the scenario?  

The Ross DMC Home page carried links to  Ross Home page^ here      Ross DMC  volunteers^  here  Set-up meeting^ here.  The Ross DMC Home page is liable to be read by the Ross Mental Health Steering Group as part of its intention to make Ross a Dementia Friendly Community, and the links have been removed.  

When the volunteers meet, a priority is to attend to the first press release.  The Gazette editor will have access to the website soon after.  4 Nov - No evidence for thinking this.  End of 4 Nov update

The pace is increasing  The Volunteer list is not.  It influences what we ask of Ross community within the press release.  No momentum.

29 Oct

A meeting of four volunteers, Deborah and AFH took place yesterday with this result:

Ross DMC - set-up stage Home page here.


Had we taken the normal  route, stakeholders would have been recruited.  

Examples given on the  Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre admin aspects here.

To discuss. 

A better word for stakeholders is partners.  They participate in the process and are involved in project evaluation and validation.

24 Oct

Here are the first two 29 Oct - many more  of a public set of pages  -  Ross DMC - Home page  here 

To be published after agreement on 28 Oct.  Update 4 Nov - in the process of making them public in the absence of discussion.

22 Oct

  1. The Ross DMC set-up meeting here

  2. Intro - First Press Release here

  3. First Press Release  here            

  4. Herefordshire Dementia Friendly Communities here  which leads to our county here  which impinges on 3 and 5,  and which is supported by the Statistics page here

  5. DIY DMC Business Plan here    A better plan is sought . .

21 Oct

At times, fast-moving aspects of the project will occur and every effort will be made to consult.   The start date of 11 Jan seems logical and I needed to act as you see via  Note to GP - 21 Oct 2016  here.  It is a hidden page.  All of our pages are hidden except the one here  with no return link.

20 Oct

Ross Dementia Meeting Centre - First donation!  here   No mention of the opening appears so far.  

Leominster pics here          Not many vols will be able to visit.


19 Oct

Ross DMC - operation and management here  

18 Oct

Some £ optimism here.

A Dementia Meeting Centre for Ross - First Press Release  - See 22 Oct

The Ross DMC set-up meeting here

When dates for meetings are discussed,  Teresa and I are on holiday from Mon 14 to Tues 22 Nov. Will still be in contact by email or  07952 060 505. 

16 Oct-Sunday

Teresa and I came this morning and I used my list of your names to say hello and thanks to a few of you. Don't hesitate to make Contact.  

This is in case you missed Deborah's suggestion that we meet on Friday 28th at 10 am, to have a look at what needs to be done to set this group up.

Meanwhile, after scouting around the Home pages to see what is the most interesting - Ross here, public pages here, anyone could announce by email  that they will give their reaction at the meeting to the X and Y pages. 12 Nov - nil response.

That done, if anyone wants a topic not dealt with, just make Contact.   See 18 Oct re 

Recommended . . text  

The aim is to provide the more-important text to give an overview and aid understanding of the DIY DMC project.  FAQs, and Skelly advises here.  

15 Oct

This page serves as a noticeboard with updates which include links to new pages.

The first recommended page is FAQs.    You note that the contact info is blank.  When we are ready to issue publicity, the page will be edited and re-posted within a public set of Ross pages separated from the general DIY DMC pages.  
The FAQs page is a public page as is the Volunteers page.

From there take up Starter's orders here. Most pages you read are public pages as there are other readers.  

If you want more, the private Ross Home page is here.   

You are the first readers to read the more general DIY pages from the active DIY DMC viewpoint.  There will be links which don't work and text out of kilter.  Please don't hesitate to point them out. Contact

My grateful relief at the arrival of the cavalry is shared with all (20!) volunteers and with Deborah for arranging the meeting.   Update 1 Nov - I misunderstood the context of the (20!) - four there on 28 Oct.  12 Nov - the cavalry has disappeared over the horizon.

Best wishes

Alan Harrison


All our pages are hidden pages = back-arrow use with shared DIY DMC and other external pages. 

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