An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                  although he's busy and showing that everyone needn't be doing the same thing, it enhances group cohesion if they are

Carees paint pictures                                                                                                                        Home page here

Discuss each picture        adding to the caption, - however, small groups working on portions of something give good results 

Ideally, create a permanent exhibition.  Difficult within rented/hosted premises.

Taking photos of carees/carers with their art output is a good idea.  Place the photos in members' diaries.  Good therapy.

Varying the scale of the paintings helps generally, and specifically when vision is impaired.

                           Super-impose - stage 1
                           Make a collage of paintings

                                             Stage 2

                    Use the two for Spot-the-difference

     The budget won't go far if you want Van Gogh

       Everyone saves small yoghurt etc pots leaving £            room for plenty of colours



    Carees and carers can paint something together 


Would this outcome alarm you if you had left your caree for ten or so minutes?


      Use Internet pics as something to aim for?


                      But avoid promoting sameness

                                                                                Discuss each picture

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