An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

              appearance can be deceiving in the dementia world - Matilda could be on the bench here                                                       

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As I work on the 28 Oct meeting agenda and its publicity agendum, a human resource structure emerges for discussion.  This is no sucking-eggs page.  It's my way of thinking things through.  It's a long time since this was every-day work. 

Page under construction.  Comments welcomed.  

  1. The DMC operation 
  2. Community liaison   
  3. Resources 
  4. Legalities 

1   The DMC operation - provision of the service
  1. There would be a core team from which, one at least would be present when the DMC is open

  2. There would be an extended team of volunteers, several willing to work within a roster
  3.                                                                                              some willing to deal with admin aspects
  4.                                                                                              some willing to deal with communication aspects                                                                                          

2   Community liaison  

      Liaise with a/the  Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator and DIY

      Build relationships with and invite businesses, civic organisation,community organisations, local groups,               health and social care providers join the community & your DIY DMC  and support them in the process  
      p  1 here    ie be the cocktail-stick

     The DMC and its liaison with:
  1. healthcare professionals - GPs, OTs, DNs CPNs  Memory services

  2. care and carer support groups  - eg there is one at the Phoenix Theatre 1/pcm - 1st Weds/pcm  here

  3. education - eg  7 here

  4. the business community - including ART 

  5. the social community - eg work with " . . . (DFC Coordinator) will also be required to establish systems to monitor the work of the community." 11.43 here

  6. the press and other media.

3   Resources 
  1. Organising the human resources - eg rosters, liaising over 2  Community liaison - recruitment etc 

  2. Organising the financial resources - eg budgeting, liaising with 2.3 

  3. Organising the further material resources arising from the latter - eg equipment records

  4. Liaising with the academic community - eg Worcester University

  5. Liaising with the funding and support community - eg Alzheimer's Society - To work collaboratively with fundraising and media and campaign teams, sharing responsibility for the achievement of jointly agreed objectives, as appropriate   11.31 here   ie liaise with the Coordinator.

4   Legalities 
  1. Liaison with the  Advisory Board which determines requirements and who meets them

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