An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                                  both caree and carer feel the pain - but in different ways 

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7 Nov

The 25 Oct to be public  is now        is public

25 Oct

Ross DMC to be public Home page here

Note to GP - 21 Oct 2016 here

20 Oct

Ross Dementia Meeting Centre - First donation!  here   No mention of the opening appears so far.  

Leominster pics here          Not many vols will be able to visit.

Carees paint pictures here     From Leominster DMC.

19 Oct

Ross DMC - operation and management here  

18 Oct

Emails here

A DMC for Ross - First Press Release  here

The Ross DMC set-up meeting here

15 Oct

Ross DMC volunteers here.

Some nine pages have been removed to keep reading to a minimum.  Those remaining may carry unneeded links and editing is in progress.

8 Oct

The rate of new pages and major editing of others means that they will not be repeated here. 

The DIY DMC Home page is here.


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    Key Ross-reader pages
  1. Ross DMC public Home page here

  2. Ross DMC volunteers here

  3. The Ross DMC set-up meeting here

  4. Operation and management here   

  5. Emails here

  6. DIY Volunteers and daily routine here

  7. A DMC for Ross - First Press Release  here

  8. DIY DMC FAQs here  for an overview

  9. DIY DMC Navigation page here for an overview

  10. DMCs - synopsis  - here  for an overview

  11. First donation!  here 

  12. Carees paint pictures here

  13. Leominster pics here 

  14. Dementia Friendly Communities - DIY here

  15. Herefordshire DFCs here

  16. Surgery statistics page here
       Other pages 
  1.  Do GPs understand dementia?   here  

  2.  Recycled songs Home page here
       External pages
Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Home                  page here

Pages hidden ready for when it has a website.

They inform the reader of activities etc carried out.
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By clicking DMCs, you can easily find  --  Ross Dementia Meeting Centre - Home page here

                                                                A DIY  DMC for your local community here.   

pagetop           A DMC for Ross Home page here

                           UK Dementia Meeting Centres Home page  here    No link to this page from there.

                            Ross DMC contributes in a big way for Ross to become a dementia-friendly                                                                           community here