An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

Dear Deborah                                                                                                                                   Friday 16 Sept

With 90 mins or more on the road and, perhaps an hour in Leom, I thought it's advisable to let you know the programme for the day.   

Depending on your intended time slot, if you stay to lunch, it is the optimum time for feedback.  You'll enjoy the discussion and will be able to ask plenty of Qs.

Morning  -  Massage - one at a time while Desert Island Discs is in progress

Nothing happens until 1100 ish.  DIDs will take an hour. It is its second session.

From noon until 1, not much will happen formally.  Such gaps are generally occupied in tea and talk in small groups.  It may be a day when members butter rolls and make salad for lunch around 1.

Tea & talk and buttering are important and talk won't stop because you are there.   I can find out about the type of lunch next week.  

14.00-15.00 Family Members Meeting - FMM

This will come only two weeks after A Worc Uni-led client feedback meeting  on Tuesday   There was a lot of excellent comment on how things are going.  I'll not predict whether your presence will be OK.  I rather doubt it.   If your timing includes lunch it's probably the best use of your visit.



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