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 Ross Dementia Meeting Centre project              

hard copy to Dr L on 13 Sept  2016  re this email to Dr L 6 Sept

Deborah Cornish now has a detailed set of notes on factors affecting how the Ross DMC could operate which she is to give to the Church Elders in the next two weeks. She also has a draft press release.                                 

The Ross Dementia Meeting Centre project has begun on the authority of Dr Simon Lennane at Alton Street Surgery who is the Mental Health lead on the Herefordshire Clinical Commissioning Group.  He is a member of the Ross Mental Health and Wellbeing Steering Group which meets at Christ Church in Eddie Cross Street. .  He says/His view is .X . . . . .

Would you mind editing and include text at the X                       

 Please edit:  

  1. An invitation is extended to carers with carees who are at the early or intermediate stage of dementia 

  2. An invitation is extended to people who are at the early or intermediate stage of dementia who cope without a carer and/or who still drive and/or who are able to self-organise  

  3. Use of the term dementia does not rule out those who suffer from related mind ailments  

The separate notes (in this email originally to Deborah) say this:

1.      Dr Lennane may put forward 10 patients = 20 with their carers.  If Pendeen wants to repeat, we may be looking at two days a week.  I need to find out from both surgeries what their intentions are.  You can make whatever stipulation you like about anything, Deborah.  If one day is the decision, then no Pendeen.  

2.      And that will be an important determinant as to what the publicity says about others coming in.   

We'll simplify to one day per week. ((The provisional decision is one day per week (if approved).)) If your 20 come to fruition, the press release won't be asking for carers and carees to come forward. 

end of edited email


You may not know (that I hope)  Christ Church will soon confirm that the DMC pilot  will run for six weeks from 2 November one day per week  If so, the initial press release (PR) is hoped for publication on  21 Sept. 16 Sept - revised here There are volunteers to find and train and that’s just the start. 

When you have settled on text for the PR and I have it, Deborah and I will finalise the PR.  Would you prefer to see it before it’s sent to the Gazette?

My website carries hidden pages with detail relating to the Ross DMC project.  It’s available to you.  Perhaps refer to it if asked questions.  Say the word.

You have several copies of an A4 sheet which summarises the Meetingdem project at large.  The email version might be edited as you see fit.  I hope the hard-copy and the file will be of use.

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