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On 20 Oct, I phoned Dr L re previous discussion about Ross DMC participants and arranging a time to discuss the immediate future.  We arranged to meet the day before the set-up meeting - 28 Oct.

He mentioned the possibility of putting up posters in the surgery.

Calculations are mentioned.  Full details available.


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I don't mind again coming on a special trip to bring a note while Teresa is being dom-cared for.  

Over the years since 2014, I can't remember seeing anyone reading a surgery noticeboard.  That process will take too long to assemble, say, eight carer/caree couples and four independent sufferers.  I hope to muster the carers before Christmas, once and ideally twice, before Christmas.  Weds 11 Jan is kick-off.

My note of 21 Sept said that according to my calcs, the two surgeries have a large pool of dementia patients over 65.  Surely, if you ask an admin person to pull out, say, 70, a letter could be sent.  Probably, pressing the right computer button will be quicker.

If you have time, could you ask someone to phone/text/email me with the name of the best person at Pendeen to speak to, given that it's a good idea.  07952 060505.

The patient letter could be based on this and I'll wire it later.  You will want to add your text.

A Dementia Meeting Centre (DMC) is starting in Ross

DMCs are based on 125 of them within Holland, successfully introduced over the last ten years.  

The huge difference between a daycare centre and a DMC is that carers participate in the wider aspects of the care process which is person-centred.  This, essentially, is looking at the situation from the point of view of the person and not a set of symptoms.  

A diagnosis of dementia can be frightening for those affected by the condition.  Both carer and caree, as well as independent dementia sufferers, can feel entirely alone.  The DMC eliminates that worrying element from the situation.  Joining other people with the same needs and hopes brings companionship and relief within the new process of working within a system to give the best outcome for all concerned.  Carers are equally important and benefit as much as carees and independent sufferers.

Christ Church in Eddie Cross Street is the host for the Ross DMC which runs on Wednesdays from 1100 to 1500 from 11 January.  It is planned that carers and independent patients meet a few of the project team before Christmas.

Please reply  ...    


For patients with email facility, I will send a link.  See you on Thurs 1145.  Discuss results!   

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