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On 14 Oct 2016,  I wrote:

RDMC is due to open in early January one day a week.

I would be grateful if you could outline your charges.

RDMC will operate on Wednesdays.  Please advise availability in early February.

What you do is known to me as  a client of the Leominster DMC.


My fee for an activity similar to that provided at Leominster would be £80 per session. It is often possible to secure funding for new projects and I am indeed working on a bid which could include Ross. However this will be some months before it is processed.

At present I am available all Wednesday mornings in February and the afternoons of the 1st and the 8th.


Do remind me in mid January.


I am putting together a Big Lottery Reaching Communities bid. If successful this will provide for several years' provision of my Drumming Together programme at a number of venues and I would be happy to include Ross in this. It is a complex application process and I am advised it will take up to 8 months from beginning the application to beginning the project. I am still gathering evidence to write a convincing bid. 

In the meantime there may be local sources of funding that would be worth investigating. If you are in a position to make bids I am happy to support this. Alternatively I can apply in the name of Beat It but realistically I cannot do anything for the next four weeks or so. 

Regarding doing some sessions at Ross in February, I advise booking me as soon as you can because I get work coming in from different sources all the time and I can't guarantee that the Wednesdays will remain free until mid-January. What the Leominster Meeting Centre did was book me for some initial sessions paid out of their start-up budget, then we switched to grant funded sessions as soon as a grant was secured. 

I trust this is useful, please let me know if you would like anything further. 


Never thought you could offer this type of help added to your vg sessions.

Let's book you for Weds 1  Feb.  Location Ross tbc.


The first volunteers meeting to include finding out who has funding application experience.

One or more may like to take on funding as a role.

Lynn -- --   Lottery Fund evaluation on Tues 18 Oct, 1100, and normal session Tues 25th, both at Leominster DMC.

Please let me know if anyone would like to attend.  Contact. 

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