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  1. One reason for sending this is in case SE has not seen/acted upon the email below.

  2. The main reason is to ascertain that the R DMC will receive full ADS support.

  3. The next time S and I meet, I hope to learn what that support entails and that it is evidenced by documents, advice and full cooperation.

  4. The last time we met, one K- Alz Soc - was in attendance.  It seems as if she is the senior person.  I request her contact info please.

  5. ADS and Alz Soc will need to take on board that the Ross DMC is a viable model for new DMCs.

  6. On 28 Oct, the first meeting of volunteers takes place.  Twenty of them. 

  7. More than that number place a lot of trust in my capacity to deliver the R DMC.  ADS and A Soc, I hope, will work with me and people within Ross DMC to secure a sustainable future for it. 

  8. It is formally requested that I am given full info on volunteer training.  Kumbi, who will read this via you, can please answer for A Soc. 

  9. Both of you please comment on funding.
  11. It is formally requested that I am given full info on in-pipeline DMCs.  The spirit of moving forward together needs to be generated.  That can be started by you sending all concerned a generous email welcoming me into the fold.

  12. That spirit, I hope, can be enhanced on 25 Oct.

  13. As you see, Revd DC has not been included in the loop.  She is, obviously within her role, a very busy person.  She does not need to be party to these unwarranted politics and I trust readers will keep it that way.

Best wishes.



Leominster DMC Advisory Board Meeting on 25th October, 2-4pm

On 19/10/2016 22:41, DC wrote:

Dear Dr E

In the context of the new DMC starting in January at R 0 W, its Advisory Board feel it would benefit from a member attending the L DMC Advisory Board Meeting as an observer.  As I have other engagements on the 25th October, I should be grateful if Mrs A P could attend in my place. In addition, Professor AH is the R DMC Project Leader and its Advisory Board requests that he too attends as an observer.  Such attendance will enable us to proceed with knowledge of an established Advisory Board. 


Many thanks for your help with this
Yours sincerely 

ADS 1 here