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Publicity Timing - proposed

Edited on 20 Oct.  Dr Lennane and I are to discuss on Thursday 27 Oct how patients might be informed about the project.

I sent him a note on 21 Sept which included:

As far as I can  see, dementia prevalence in the county among those aged 65+ years is 0.79%.  Alton Street and Pendeen show 0.78% and may have 83 and 63 patients respectively.   Add younger patients.  Publicity for Ross DMC does not need to call for others to come forward.  You have enough to keep the project in house.  Ten patients and ten carers are all that is needed.

He said today that posters could be posted in the surgery.  I believe it's better for him to circulate all his patients with info on the Ross DMC.  However, it's his decision.  If implemented, it adds another complication to the situation. 

See Item 13 below.



From 28 Oct to 11 Jan, there are eleven weeks but knock out two weeks for Christmas.

PR1 could be published on 9 Nov and would be the main info output and resource request.  However, it needs to be wrapped up within a few days after 28 Oct.

Mental Health Steering Group Meeting on 9 Nov 

The obvious problem is that members will have read about a fait accompli.

What could well be a major influence on when PR1 is published is the Ross Mental Health Steering Group - RMHSG -  and it meets on 9 Nov at Christ Church.  On the agenda is Ross as a Dementia Friendly Community - DFC.  That is complicated by how the necessary Dementia Action Alliance - DAA - is incorporated.  

It is appropriate to read extracts from a long section elsewhere which brings in other issues.  From where I sit, it makes sense to combine with RMHSG within a Public Meeting - PM.  However, Christmas can squeeze the weeks before opening our DMC. 
  • Clearly, you need to muster your local orgs and companies and point them towards DAA during the PM

  • The PM serves to raise awareness of the three main components of project impetus - your locality as a DFC, membership of the local DAA, and your DIY DMC
          The source if more text is needed is 3 Third  -Prepare for Public Meeting 1 here.  

Let's assume for the moment that our 28 Oct meeting concludes that Deborah and I go to the Steering Group Meeting on 9 Nov and propose a PM.  We represent our DMC as important part and parcel of the wider mental health momentum of the DFC.    If PM agreed on 9 Nov, prepare for publicity being delayed to 30 Nov, as there's a web of intricacy. That means a PM while Ross wraps its Christmas presents.

However, on 28 Oct, it might be decided to go it alone.  If the suggested date of the first PR - publish on 9 Nov -  is accepted, there will be nine weeks minus Xmas to doors opening.  Not long. 

PR2 would be a reminder on 4 Jan that doors are open a week later and it would give positive feedback on PR1. 

  1. The first PR gives carers time to see GP.  

  2. It includes the first call for resources

  3. The Vols Meeting may agree that two or three members work with AFH to finalise and  approve PR1. 

  4. It then goes to Dr Lennane unless 5 decides to send only text of his mention   

  5. That done, it goes to the Gazette by Fri 4  Nov for publication on Weds 9th.  Latest 11 Nov at the Gazette (publish on 16 Nov).

  6.  We don't want all the action just before Christmas. It means we cut out the Steering Group involvement  
  8.  It will help if we know who the carers and carees are if Dr Lennane is to "supply" them all.  If Pendeen is on board, a more involved situation arises.  

  9. If 13 doesn't muster, say eight carer/caree couples and four independent carees  (see 8.5 here), we'll be looking for more via PR1.  

  10. If, however, 13 becomes reality, we need to think hard about the FAQs page content re joining criteria. No need to make it sound like a closed shop

  11. All this settled within the situation of cutting out the Steering Group,  the documentation can be out of the way in plenty of time.  I hope for at least one meeting of carers, ideally two, before the break.  

  12.  PR 2  for publication on 4 Jan would remind readers that the doors open a week later.  It would describe the success of PR1.

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