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Further to the meeting on 6 Oct, it may be helpful to collect text and links useful to the discussion on Ross becoming a Dementia Friendly Community.  A DIY Dementia Meeting Centre - DIY DMC -- is  highly relevant.  Both will benefit from a public meeting and it makes sense to combine.


A dementia-friendly community can be described as:

‘A city, town or village where people with dementia are understood, respected and supported, and confident they can contribute to community life. 

In a dementia-friendly community, people will be aware of and understand dementia, and people with dementia will  feel included and involved, and have choice and control over their  day-to-day lives. 

Alzheimer’s Society, 2013

source p 2

1  Introduction

  1. Dementia Friendly Communities - DFCs are thin on the ground as seen  here.   155 on 8 Oct 2016  145 in pipeline here

  2. We have on our doorstep an example of the need to think big.   

    More than 100 individuals, community groups, charitable organisations and businesses in South Gloucestershire attended an event today (January 12, 2015) to mark the official launch of South Gloucestershire becoming dementia-friendly.   source

    That would have called for at least one large-scale public meeting at the start of the project.

    Do we need to assemble everyone interested in improving mental health care provision and agree that the DIY DMC project is an important part of the public meeting?  

  3. Dementia Action Alliance is an important org and pointing local orgs and businesses in its direction can be achieved via the public meeting.

2    The Public Meeting

Prepare for Public Meeting 1 - PM 1
  1. By registering for the process our community commits to the following conditions: . . . providing information on progress on a local webpage or site, for example this could be the local Dementia Action Alliance page. source 12.17

  2. Clearly, we need to muster our local orgs and companies and point them towards DAA after the pep talk

  3. The PM 1 serves to raise awareness of the three main components of project impetus - our locality as a DFC, membership of the local DAA, and the DIY DMC

  4. Help explore educational opportunity to prepare young people for a likely future role as a dementia carer.  7.1 here

  5. That topic needs thinking through within the local context.  Establish what is happening in secondary  education, for a start.  Dementia Friendly Schools here may be as rare as DFCs.   Is there a Dementia Friendly Coordinator to contact at John Kyrle School?

  6. People worried about memory ailment and other indications have not been encouraged so far. 6.3  here 

3       Our next meeting
  1. If it is agreed that a public meeting is appropriate, when?

  2. If it is agreed that a DIY DMC is an important part of the DFC application strategy, can we discuss how it is incorporated into the public meeting?  For example, include an Auction of Promises to help raise money.                                                        
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          More info:

                        Herefordshire Dementia Friendly Communities    here

                        Dementia Friendly Communities     here   
                        Nav page here  DIY DMC Home page  here

                        The 6 Oct meeting included an account of one person's disadvantages.  4 here gives a similar story in 
                        detail.  Ross as a DFC would strive to ensure such stories would not occur