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Rachel - please send this URL to Anthony

Tried normal email send and even webmail but to no avail.  Thanks.

Copy as email system failed to send the original.  3 Sept 

Dear Anthony

We are in Wales  -  Glamorgan Holiday Hotel here


As you can imagine, emails are bad enough at times and here I can't find the Moultons' address.

Would you mind please sending a note cancelling Teresa re the 26 Sept.  There has been so much to do.

Sarah Jones came three weeks ago.  No word from the curate.  You know my views on the Church at large.  I AM SO FED UP AFTER NOW THREE YEARS TRYING TO ARRANGE SOMETHING SIMPLE SUCH AS BIBLE READING FOR A LONELY SOUL.  If an ex-bishop can't see to it, I'll need to order a prayer mat.

Half way through typing that, I realised the caps key was on.  Haven't the mental energy to change it.  It expresses my mood.

Teresa is in a lot of pain half the time.  It's only the motivation of coming to the hotel that has overtaken the pain.  My stress levels are through the ceiling which is why I won't brook the problems with the Church.  At the hotel, half the time is spent checking that meals are being correctly thought about on the day and a host of other things which crop up.  For example, no heating at 0530 and Teresa's prone to results of feeling cold.  No hot water at 0800.  However, a very kind set of staff at the hotel, the manager espec.

I am determined to explore a Hereford Diocese conference on AND FOR informal carers.  You are my only contact.  Please could you kindly find out about conference organisation and put me touch with the right person. 



Tried webmail  with this response     

Sorry, there seems to be a problem. We are
working to fix this so please try again later.

More on the manager

Apparently, he has taken me on as a project .  His words.   Will arrange a day of Teresa care while I go somewhere/anywhere.  Don't know where yet.  Will ask Rachel, if she needs to contact the hotel for any reason, to thank him vm.

More on stress.  
A simple job such as medication for Teresa takes an outlandish amount of work here

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Email to A P 3 Sept here    It was necessary to send the link via webmail - a rigmarole in itself. Didn't work.

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