An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Elsewhere on this website can be found blunt comment on medics etc who don't read patient case notes and start from scratch or if they do, still start from scratch.  In some cases, that might be justified re rapport but to interact with a  seemingly endless number of such medics within, say, a nine hour stay in A&E, simply adds to patient exhaustion.  If challenged [they are not] the medics might say that time doesn't allow for sufficient reading.  What a way to run the NHS.


My wife has onset dementia which is not detectable at first by most people.  I respect the protocol of you engaging my wife first.   Once detail is needed, I step in as appropriate.  


No presumption is made in the present situation and appropriate links follow on return to the page you were reading. 


This approach is used where there are several links.  It is easier than flitting from email to website and back.

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