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Physiotherapy at Ross Community Hospital  - complaint                             hidden page

  1. History
  2. More history during the week after 27 June 2016
  3. Forward
  4. Postscript

1  History

  1. I have the blue A4 sheet Wye Valley NHS .  Once info I need has been sent, I can consider the other two routes of complaint. 

  2. The first session on 13 June was an hour long and my wife Teresa achieved great progress.   The follow-up session was two weeks after due to the lead physio Siobhan being on holiday.

  3. Although the lead would only have an hour or so to read a hidden page on her return prior to the next session at 1030, I sent it to one of her colleagues to pass on.  The session was on 27 June.  

  4. You can read that  page    Physiotherapy hidden page sent to physiotherapist on 26 June 2016  here.  

  5. My wife and I arrived as planned and I left her for a minute to bring in the fixed Zimmer shown on that page.

  6. When the lead came in, I explained that the aim was for her to make the best use of the fixed Zimmer so that the subsequent exercises at home could be optimised.

  7. She replied that there was to be nothing of the sort.  This led to a brief heated discussion which I had cut short by saying that it should not take place in front of my wife.  We proceded to the corridor.  More at 1.18

  8. While only a few steps away from the reception etc office,  that discussion was even more heated and I terminated it.  It was joined by a tall man who I think is a physio.

  9. The lead included in her comments that I had no right to use names on the page.  I said that was not the case and pointed out that it said that its very few readers are invited to recommend editing text.  Furthermore, I pointed out that it was a hidden page only accessible to those who had been sent the URL or address.

     18. Further 1.13

The two physio staff refused to accept

  1. that the Zimmer frame on its board is the logical basis of the session so increasing the effective use of it at home
  2.                   if not, that guidance on its use would be worthwhile
  3. that arguing in front of Teresa was completely wrong
  4. that the webpage was hidden therefore nobody could access it without receiving the URL or address

2   More history during the week after 27 June 
  1. I received two, maybe three phone calls from a French-sounding woman wanting to speak to my wife.

  2. The reply I gave amounted to the fact that I deal with all my wife's calls which are not from family and friends.

  3. The woman persisted  so I repeated 2.3.  

  4. A few days after, our elder daughter told me that she had received a call from someone involved in adult safeguarding and a French woman in the conversation had been given a name which I do not remember.

  5. Daughter was keen to hear the detail of the first and second sessions from me.  As above.

  6. Further to 1 History,   the first session ended with me asking the lead "What is a physiologist's favourite pudding?  She didn't know.  I said it is Tira me su.  Broadly it is : from Italian tira! pull! + mi me + su up] source

  7. In the session context it can mean "Pull me towards you." which phrase the lead had used more than once.

  8. However, all this was to lighten what was to come.  I said "There's something you may well have been doing for years and on which, patients etc have been too embarrased to comment.  You have squatted in front of my wife repeatedly showing your buttocks.  Builders are renowned for the activity, aren't they." [No ?  as I wasn't pushing the question dimension.  There was no comment.

  9. I am convinced the safeguarding issue is a direct outcome of the lead herself suffering embarassment from 2.15.  She aims to redirect the embarrassment in my direction.  The fact that there has been no outcome, I hope, means that my daughter handled the situation with capability.   My wife is 100% safe.    Readers may skim some of the pages of this website to see how important she is to me.   Person-centred Tests Home page here  Prolonging the active mind here    . .   - religious aspects  here . .   - our videos, songs and music  here     U-tube is better than Youtube!  here    Battle for Occupational therapists   here     78 year-old woman ejected from A&E at 0200 here .
  10. Pause for breath - a new dimension.

  11. I wanted better treatment than what has been described so made a request for a non-hospital physio home visit.  An Occupational Therapist came with her and both commented favourably on how worthwhile the fixed Zimmer is.  The physio set about a new list of exercises and one prescribed by the hospital physio was omitted.  The non-hospital physio is due to visit on July 15 to see progress with a set of simple exercises compared with the physio lead set. 

3  Forward
  1. Further to 1.17, there was obvious text to remove before opening the revised page and that has been done here.   

  2. That was not done because of the first sentence in 1.17     I wanted a public page free from negativity.

  3. The first request is to find out the lead Siobhan's surname and the professional body which gives her entitlement to wear on her uniform "Chartered Physiologist".  Google no good here.  

  4. Is it worth finding out who her manager is?  I would prefer a much higher authority.

  5. With such info,  I can formulate a Herefordshire Council complaint and a professional body complaint.

4    Postscript

  1. Further to 1.17 and the inclusion of names. 
  3. The common description on which the Prime Minister and any NHS worker stands is public servant.  Anyone can write about the PM within reason [no one can say he is a murderer].  That applies to any NHS worker.

         Thank you reader(s) for the length of time taken to read these three pages.

                                                         Alan F Harrison (Prof ret'd)
                                                         Herefordshire                                          Contact via email to you.

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