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Physiotherapy hidden page sent to physiotherapist on 26 June 2016     hidden page

Physio staff please read Notes at foot of page.  Chiefly Item 1.5

nearly tall

A physiotherapy session in mid June 2016

The session on 13 June was an hour long and Teresa achieved great progress.  Thanks are due to Siobhan and Sue at Ross Community Hospital.

It led to exercises at home.                                                    


Had hoped £250 turner would do the job. Cant move a foot forward.

Had hoped £250 turner would do the job.

Can’t move a foot forward.


frame 1

Need a suitable frame with 100% safety.  It is bolted to a firm piece of wood.  . . .



. . .which slides under the chair to keep it secure.

Now known as a fixed Zimmer


woodwork 1

Cut it in a few minutes.


woodwork 2

It’s the mess and clearing up that takes the time.

My excuse is that I must stop every five mins to see that Teresa is OK.


On with the motley. more although music and strenuous exercise  don’t mix.



Even with the chair lifting her half way, Teresa struggles to lift herself  upward and forward.


nearly tall

Reminded of Siobhan’s advice to stand tall, Teresa’s half way there.


A page of fizio

Made it!  However, it was a good five mins just for that.

Needed that time + , to rest.  Assess the look on Teresa’s face.  After five minutes.


head down

Focusing on the feet.  Seeing what can be done.  Very little with the right foot.

The inoperable right hip is the problem and that leg won’t take Teresa’s weight.

Time to rest.


left leg up


Perhaps three of these and try the right foot, then rest.


right leg splayed

Notice how the right foot is angled to the right.  Only one try.


both legs up

Much Smirking in the Marsh.   A song from our young days before we married in 1962. Sing  Teresa is a determined person.

Two lifts were enough.

We sing a lot – here.


space radio-waves-of-the-day

Ready to broadcast success to the world.



  1. Strategic aspects
  2. Health summary
  3. Personal exercise programme
  4. The prospect of exercise
  5. Editing

1  Strategic aspects

  1. There’s always a however  in the lives of carees and carers.
  2. Teresa did so well at the hospital.  Exhausted before leaving for home but hid it.
  3. An hour is too much.  Please limit to 30 mins.
  4. She enjoyed the session and wants the parallel bars again.  Convinced she’ll do better.
  5. However, on another day, Teresa may need prompting re the bars in the form of the fixed Zimmer above.
  6. It’s difficult, however, to motivate Teresa to exercise every day.  You don’t argue with dementia.  A confidence-boost should help.
  7. One way to achieve that is to use the fixed Zimmer which will be brought to the session.  If you can think of something better, lets’s talk.
  8. It’s not a question of Teresa looking forward to Monday second session.
  9. It’s a matter of one day hour at a time.
  10. The weekly programme, broadly, is one day out, next day in.  More below.
2  Health summary

  1. Teresa is 80,
  2. has FTD,
  3. has an inoperable right hip socket,
  4. has severe arthritis inc a twisted spine,
  5. has an esophageal pouch demanding mince/puree food,
  6. had a heart attack 30 years ago,
  7.         a stroke ten years ago,
  8. has neuro problems in her left arm.

      I am not convinced the appropriate records were to hand.  A session of an hour, surely, would not have taken place.

3   Personal exercise programme
 3.1    The exercises by number

  1. Sitting on a normal dining chair – impossible as depicted.  See her in the recliner above.
  2. Stand straight holding on to a chair – the fixed-Zimmer is the best in the circumstances.
             This sets the scene and more can be requested if thought relevant.

 4  The prospect of exercise
  1. The weekly programme.  Sunday morning church. Tuesday, or sometimes Weds, Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre, Thursday Woodside daycare centre.
  2. Three days of the week knocked off the exercise schedule.  The prospect of feeling capable of anything much is 50-50 on any day of the week.  Apply that to the remaining four days and exercise boils down to 2/7.
  3. 80 on Tuesday 5 July.  That and No. 3.1 are topics to talk about during the physio session the day before.  Please don’t complete Teresa’s unfinished sentences. 
  4. Hope all this will help Siobhan and Sue plan the next session.  Please reread No. 1.5.
  5. Please consider home visits by Siobhan.

5  Editing

This page has very few readers who are invited to recommend editing text. There is obvious text to remove before opening the revised page.

With many thanks.

Alan F Harrison (Prof ret’d)            26 June 2016


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