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                        A small DIY job makes all the difference

Home  exercises

The context of the exercises is Teresa's health.  Details were originally on this page but made the page too long.  See TDH Health summary June 2016 here.

nearly tall

mid June 2016

Teresa achieved great progress. 


Had hoped £250 turner would do the job. Cant move a foot forward.

Had hoped £250 turner would do the job.

Can’t move a foot forward.


frame 1

Need a suitable frame with 100% safety.  It is bolted to a firm piece of wood.  . . .



. . . which slides under the chair to keep it secure.


woodwork 1

Cut it in a few minutes.


woodwork 2

It’s the mess and clearing up that takes the time.

My excuse is that I must stop every five mins to see that Teresa is OK.


On with the motley. more although music and strenuous exercise  don’t mix.



Even with the chair lifting her half way, Teresa struggles to lift herself  upward

 and forward.


nearly tall

Hubby gives advice to stand tall, Teresa’s half way there.


A page of fizio

Made it!  However, it was a good five mins just for that.  

Needed that time + , to rest.  Assess the look on Teresa's face.  After five minutes.


head down

Focusing on the feet.  Seeing what can be done.  Very little with the right foot.

The inoperable right hip is the problem and that leg won’t take Teresa’s weight.

Time to rest.


left leg up


Perhaps three of these and try the right foot, then rest.


right leg splayed

Notice how the right foot is angled to the right.  Only one try per session.


both legs up

Much Smirking in the Marsh.  Pity you can't see Teresa's face.   A song from our young days before we married in 1962. 

Sing  Teresa is a determined person.

Two lifts were enough.  

We sing a lot – here.


space radio-waves-of-the-day

Ready to broadcast success to the world.


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