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The modification is necessary because:
  1. Teresa needs a tray for her meals when we are away from home  ..

  2. ..and somewhere to hold her art work etc when we go to the  Memory Cafe Ross-on-Wye here and similar places.  The UK needs grammer schools to improve UK spelling.

  3. She needs a foot cover when balls or quoits etc are thrown to each other within 3

  4.  Teresa needs protection from people in the street or in shops who are stupid enough to try to get through doorways at the same time as this large beast of a vehicle has blocked them

Looking at it from the front, there's a clear message to those within  3 above.  The message is needed because few people accept that her forename is not pronounced in the same way as Theresa May's.

If you look to the left of Teresa's head, there's a piece of wood.  It says      Terayza.  


                                           The car has a bumper and reg number since the 2 above pic.

                                                           RO55 = ROSS -on-Wye TDH = Teresa D Harrison

                                                                      It's a real reg number - here

All pictures and text are in open polythene pockets and can be easily changed.

One reader, in the context of crowd control, has suggested that knives are fitted to the wheels a la Boadacia.  Wiki

He meant rubber knives from a toy shop.  Considering street-stupidity, real knives would be more effective. 

Wheelchair social stigma here.    It's more to do with invisibility here   here    People walk in front of you here.


The tray slides nearer to the passenger.

As you see.

When the top tray is full of art etc materials, there is a lower tray to keep the scissors etc.

The shopping tray is useful when knocking shoppers over with the wheelchair-car.

A good distraction while using the lower tray as a shop-lifting aid.

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