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chair car zimmer

                               Before deciding to use a pair of crutches – £5 in a charity shop, a ditto Zimmer frame was considered.. . .


chair car trolley handle

.                                                                        as well as an old trolley handle. Need a shallow angle in the bar.



chair bar bits


Back to the bits.

The crutches provided the correct angle.  And when the bar is finished, it doesn’t need painting.

As you see, the crutches are sawn and the corners bent before assembly.


chair car side

                                                                                                                    A normal-looking Fiat Doblo.


chair car side view

                                                                                                           With a ramp about to come out.


chair car notice

                                        The added scrawl says ” Long ramp extends 9 feet.”




                                                                                                                    Wheel the chair in  . . . . . .


chair car knees not tight

                                                                    but things start to get in the way.  The bar protects feet from damage.



chair car tight knees

                                                                           In place and ready to be wheeled back to give more knee room.

                                                                                                                       Then to be tied down.


chair car ties

                                                                                       When chair is in, it is secured by these hooked-straps.

                                                                                           Notice seat-belt fittings on both have been added.


chair car ties close

                                                                                     And this bar with blue panel locks them when in place.


chair car ties close back

                                                                                        The seat belt fitting does away with the hooks.

                                                                               The hooks cause problems when trying to release them.

                                                                                  The straps supplied with the conversion are suspect.

                                                                    The additional strap on the right provides the correct safety tension.

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