An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

Notes     hidden page  created  1 June  2016 and ongoing

Most notes were on the Home page before it was opened to general readership.

  1. Don't understand Steve's comment -  A couple of photos may benefit from rotating them through 90 degrees. Which?   7,  I assume.  The pic showing the U-tube close to the wheelchair for access has been removed to foot of this page.

  2. Don't understand Steve's comment - In section 6 it may be helpful to explain the U-tube is adjusted in the                                                                     horizontal plane.    My italics.  See Panel 5 here.  "..  is adjusted in the                                                                     near- horizontal plane. (?)   If so, what benefit? 

  3. The URL can be changed vis a vis pamer  to remap    Not any more - 3 new  pages since and a lot of links.

  4.  Feel free to rewrite text, ask for new pics, delete pics.    email received thanks & still working on it

  5. If there's someone with Youtube capability, a short video could be prepared showing the stages of producing the U-tube and its operation.  That could involve the company which adapted the car and negotiating a link from its website.

  6. An extra might be a staged "incident" as in Panel 7  here demonstrating that the public attitude to those with disability must change.  There are numerous orgs which might agree a link from their websites.

  7. Such orgs might agree that all powered wheelchairs (even normal ones) should be fitted with U-tubes.

  8.  "Vive le Remap, et les pommes frites!"  One day, I will include it here if 19 is reinstated.

  9. Item 19 was on the Home page - U-tube Notes on hidden page here .

  10. Say zis with a 'eavy French accent - ". . . .  designed and fitted by those with competence and imagination" Panel 2

    A small change is made to a French phrase re France.    "Vive le Remap, et les pommes frites!"

    Nobody says the full phrase seen here.

                                                                                                                                                     URL identifer *

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Note 2 

The pic showing the U-tube close to the wheelchair for access has been removed.