An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

                       Another wheelchair in need of a U-tube (?)  See who they are at the foot of the page here.

U-tube tighteners           Panel 1

First amendment (to the original bolt with handle) which led to the nut being too tight to twist easily.

It's important to say that the carer/website author has made these alterations.

Panel 2

The original bolts with handles came from under the armrests.  They were put at both ends of the crossbar.

That was before the alterations.

It's worthy of note that the U-tube crossbar is clamped to the wheelchair and so does not involve any drilling or other modification to the wheelchair itself.

This is important as some users may not own their wheelchairs and modifications are not allowed by local authorities, hire companies etc.



Panel 3

Second amendment

Now OK and moving towards the ideal.

Need something better.  More in keeping with the overall design.

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