An exploration of the UK carer world

Update 19 March - all pages in this series are now here. Discontinue reading the pages.  

This page serves to conduct research at the Hive.                                                             hidden page

I have picked two examples of trying to read journals online.

Attitudes to death: a time to pose difficult questions 

Brian Nyatanga 

British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol. 18,  Oct 2013, from p 512

Culture, palliative care and multiculturalism (97kb)

Brian Nyatanga 

International Journal of Palliative Nursing, Vol. 8, May 2002, pp 240 - 246

The story so far:

     Via The Hive online, I have public access to SCIE Dementia Gateway here,  

     Without logging in I can find, for example, Dying well at home here   Research databases here

     Once logged in, if Nyatanga Brian is put in the search box, nothing useful results.

     International Journal of Palliative Nursing gives the result here.

     Research databases here gives access to Social Care Online here.

     Logged in. British Journal of Community Nursing  result.  One of use on p 1.  Nothing on p 2.

     Advanced search using journal article - Attitudes to death: a time to pose difficult questions  result

     This website is where all my search titles etc are listed.  Usuallly, at the Hive, it is unaccessible.

Any help will be appreciated.

Alan Harrison - via email 17 March

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