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Newport - Gwent Carers Contact         website  

Apart from provision within the county where my wife and I live here, this is the first other provision to receive attention on this website.

Of course, I have been in contact with a few such organisations by phone re specific queries.  

On Thursday 7 October, I phoned Newport and was greeted cheerfully and competently.

The next day, another greeting was received to match the first.

My reason for visiting Newport Carers Contact is the start of my research into what carer provision exists in counties beyond Herefordshire.  An overview can be obtained from websites, but it is the person-to-person situation I am just as interested in.

It hadn't occurred to me that drop-in centres are an option to providers.  Now that I have experienced one, it seems the obvious thing to do.

Best wishes to all within and others enjoying the obviously excellent services provided by ....

Newport - Gwent Carers Contact. 

Young Carers here.   more later

Carers Contact here.  

Young Carers Project here  I understand that it is run by St Barnardo's but that isn't apparent.

Crossroads Care South East Wales here.  

Children in Wales here.    Young Carers Project  here.   Young Carers Network here 

Crossroads Care and The Princess Royal Trust for Carers have merged to form the leading carers charity Carers 

Trust  here.

I am interested to see how Crossroads provision, St Barnardo's and other orgs intertwine with a page on this website headed "How does a young carer come into the system?" here.  Comment on the Young Carers page adjacent here would be welcomed.

What I say above is repeated  - An overview can be obtained from websites, but it is the person-to-person situation I am just as interested in.

It is hoped that a subsequent visit will provide me with further and personal contacts so that the Newport part of the Carer World can have more light shone on it.  St Barnardo's locally seems high on a short list, perhaps.


Directory of Family Support in Newport   here

 "Families" = 48 mentions.  "Young carers" = no mention.  "Young" = 79 mentions from which items like:

Services that respond to specific needs across the age ranges    which include     Children and Young People.

can be located.

I'm still looking at it and will add comment later.


It is presumed that the Children's Society here doesn't operate in Newport.


The reader will understand that this author hasn't seen many carer support providers.  The stark contrast between what appears to be the average provision in office premises in the business centre of town and NGCC where shoppers can roll in and out in an informal situation points to more than several avenues of analysis.  

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