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Ipsea has a brilliant website, helplines and campaign.

The person who originally began Ipsea came in November and spoke at Hereford Carers on the new SEN bill.

Children & Families Bill published

IPSEA has issued a Press Release ( ) about the new Children & Families Bill ( ).

At 5pm on Monday 4th February, the Children & Families Bill was presented in Parliament. The Bill was published today date?.  Section 3 of this Bill is based on the draft SEN provisions that IPSEA analysed in October 2012.

Our Press Release has some initial observations. Edward Timpson, the Minister responsible for SEN, has written a letter explaining some of the changes made to the draft provisions. You can read his letter here ( ).

You can view the Bill's progress through Parliament here ( ). IPSEA will produce a thorough analysis of the Bill in due course. We will let you know once this is completed. 

IPSEA on twitter
Sarah McKimm, our new Legal Team member, attended the event where the Bill was launched this morning. You can see her feedback from the event on our twitter page ( ) (you do not need to have a twitter account in order to view this).  
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IPSEA on facebook
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