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Ross woman refused - was still in hospital five weeks later

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Our reporter went to Hereford Hospital to determine why an A & E group of medics would decide that  a 78 year-old sick woman would be told to go home at 2 in the morning.   That decision was met with refusal (by her husband) and she did not come out of hospital until five weeks later and had had an operation.  It proves that this was ...... , an unsafe discharge.


On arrival c 1900 at the main hospital, there were scores of people and they extended to being on ambulance trolleys in corridors.  (((((((((((here No. 7.  )))))))


Her husband told us that while waiting, his wife was transferred to a hospital trolley - an ambulance man not associated with the case grabbed her feet and heaved her over.  His wife screamed. ((((((((ibid, No. 9))))))))))))))


As if to highlight a bad experience, during her stay, an eternity ring was stolen. (((((((here, No. 2))))))

Husband is one who is prepared to forgive (but cannot forget).  On his website devoted to carers, he said that his thanks go to all staff in the Merlin Ward of Ross Cottage Hospital and to Redbrook Ward at Hereford Hospital. Also the ambulance men involved.  (((((((( (ibid ))))))))))))))

All this started in mid-November, 2014.  In July, the couple went on a canal-boat holiday.  However, illness struck.


The patient, now almost 79, was admitted to Worcester Royal Hospital (WRH)  A&E on Tuesday 23 June and discharged from the assessment ward on Thursday 25. She waited alone in A&E for over two hours as her husband had to retrieve his car. Triage had been done. That routine obviously included the “What year is it?” questions and she did badly enough to warrant WRH to declare delirium. It then pushed her into a crowded waiting room to be forgotten. No offer of a drink or WC assistance. She is unable to drive her wheelchair.  ((((((( source  )))))))))


The husband was good enough within another bout of NHS seizure, to say thank you.  He said the WRH assessment ward did a good job.  A&E did a good job medically.  It's the Government which needs to sort out staffing ratios etc.  Problems such as identified might then be reduced in number, ideally in extent.  ((((((( here, No. 1.3 ))))))))))))

However, reports are coming in concerning Dept X of the NHS.  The Dept has been very difficult for the carer to negotiate with.  There could be a feature article soon. Depends on the outcome of a meeting in mid September.

It could go in one of two ways.  The Dept could cooperate and the article would forecast useful work within a triangle of care which   .. etc.  The Dept could continue ostrich-like and not face the consequences. 




The point of all this is name and shame.  See 11b/2 here    

The following after editing could appear on the public page.


No. 6 above prompted me to ask 2g for the “What year is it?” questions etc.


I am fully entitled to pose questions concerning my involvement in my wife's improvement.  The Triangle of Care proves the case. Furthermore, I am fully entitled to proper consideration and a proper reply.


I find it out of order for a senior member of staff to phone asking how he can help.  I politely told him that the answer is on the 2g webpage.  

This paragraph is the most significant within normal expectations relating to interaction. Assuming that you consider yourself HCPs, you have some explanation to make as to why you did not reply.  here.


Further to 7, someone who has helped me beyond the call of duty for over a year was willing to process a formal complaint against Hereford Hospital.  After a lot of thought I thanked her but declined.  It would be forgotten about the next day until either my wife and I reappear at A&E.  Another dimension is - the Dr was following rules, bless her heart.

The "someone" is at 4c here.  Read 4a and 4b first.  One of her colleagues kindly is about to make contact has made contact with you.


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