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Plural as there are three, two without pics.

Collecting the mistakes in one place in order to back up complaint.

Emails to Caravan Club and its web-advert company

Two days later and no answer.  Now sent to

update 24 July between red text headings and short inserts elsewhere          

email received 19 July 01  01 at end of this email       after - comment on website presentation

On 22/07/2015 00:22, Prof Alan Harrison wrote:

Mrs Teresa Harrison  Membership Number:    0013766582

My wife now has an inoperable hip joint and we are trying to sell our motorhome on the website.  Once sold we'll buy via CC an appropriate caravan.  More - Medication list and medical history here

The website system is a nightmare.  I seem to have three adverts.  I have paid for the special advert but can't see it at top place for seven days.

The caravans for sale people have not answered my email of two weeks ago nor can I get through on the phone.

This is the advert, or one of them:

Used Lunar FB = French or fixed bed for Sale in Herefordshire | CS889149
£ 22,995

Update 24 7 2015   
The url for this ad is as follows:
        I have updated the text and it is satisfactory for now.

another ad - no pic

yet another ad - no pic

How do I cancel the ones with no pic?

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end of update

Please forward this email to    caravans for sale

I am spending hour after hour trying to edit. Most of the time, I can't find where to edit.   Tonight 22 July and again on 24th  I managed to put one pic in but then the system goes cold.  It is the wrong pic but can't correct it.

I have put a link in the ad with the pic but can't see how to get rid of the other two adverts.

It's not as if I am useless with IT.  I put a link in the pictured advert from one of my piping websites here .  SInce then, I don't need it as this link is neutral:

The main CC website doesn't help.  There's no link to    caravans for sale  on the Home page.  More than  one drop-down list  should have said numerous links but no link to caravans for sale.  It is ridiculous that there is no link to classified ads in the Quick Links dropdown at the top right of the Home page 

Can't find     manage ads    in top RH corner of any advert page (FAQs here)  only Post Ad free

SOS    So much for SOS -  I paid for the special advert to no advantage apart from here.  (It is the first ad.)  The link facility is the main reason and it hasn't worked.


Alan F Harrison (Prof)

If the Medication list and medical history here link doesn't work, its URL is

My mission is to make life better for my wife.  As you see, I have enough on my plate without having to deal with caravans for sale.   This email sent at 00.16.  Burning midnight oil is the only way I achieve admin.  24 July email sent 2335


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email received 19 July 01  01

The Caravan Club

Dear Harrison,

Thank you for placing your advert on Caravan Club Classifieds, it is now live on the website. You can now view your advert in your account or place another advert.

Your advert will stay live on Caravan Club Classifieds until 17/10/2015. If you have any questions in the meantime please contact our support team on 0845 129 0010 or email

Thinking of buying a new car or outfit? The Club has a wealth of useful information on buying to help you make the right choice. We also have a range of insurance and financial services available exclusively to members.

The Caravan Club

Caravan Club Classifieds is powered by Caravan Selecta, part of the Friday-ad group.
This email has been sent to you automatically. Please do not reply.

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Other ridiculous aspects of provision is the size of the advert text and the lack of white space and provision for headings.  Add the fact that the balance of membership is probably swayed to the elderly with eyesight problems and lack of expertise in making the text larger.

This low-mileage, multi-featured, one previous and non-smoker -owned motor home comes on the market due to wife's inoperable hip condition. Taxed to end Nov 2015 Contact 15 miles south of Hereford MOT to 15 July 2015 Low mileage - 12,100 diesel 37 mpg £22950 Main Features Satellite TV reception - cost £1800 - on roof Gas refill system - no more bottles to fit, lasts for ages, fill up when at a garage Rear camera Rear rack - carry everything you can't put inside - even a tandem can be attached Luxury bathroom with plenty of room, plenty of shelves and a top cupboard complete with microwave oven External shower Extra-long kitchen surface Good wardrobe with shoe etc cupboard underneath Very comfortable double bed which lifts to gain access to storage area. The latter externally accessible from the offside. Cold in bed? Warm in bed but want the hot water turned on? Turn on the heating and/or hot water without getting up. Extra bed for anyone up to 5ft 9. Taller person also OK. Full length Fiamma awning with one side semi-transparent, one side infilled, and front with zipped door and large window. For a full description, paste - - - - - -

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