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Dear Liz

Tanya Claire Harrison

20 June 2016
 Various emails have been received from the reference agency and answered.
I have sent bank statements for the last four months and thought that was the end of it.
Then came requests for pension statements and tax statements.
I am  full time carer to my wife who has dementia – more.
Events occur on a regular basis within care provision which reduce the time I spend caring directly more and in improving dementia servicesmore [public page] even more.  The average reader doesn’t see that page or this.  Only researchers and other directly involved have access.

added at 0830

I hope the 60 mins spent on this and detracting me from urgent matters is not wasted.

Late last night I worked on the page here.
c 0530 my wife wanted the commode.  That process takes a good 40 minutes.  She generally doesn’t want to or can’t sleep again so that’s when many days start.  You don’t argue with dementia.
I am running around dealing with her.  Decorators are starting at 0900, to them, a new job, and I haven’t yet moved furniture etc.  And I think of something else to put on this page.
My wife dealt with household papers until a few years ago.  I had two secretaries, one for internal affairs, one for external affairs and research.  I have never handled document filing and the items needed could be anywhere.  Obviously, I have urgent matters to attend to.  They include making my wife’s lunch and she has a throat problem more.
Tanya is a perfectly responsible adult who is not going to let anyone down.  I trust that I am viewed the same.  You have a reference.  I trust you are able to decide to go ahead with Tanya’s tenancy.
Days like today when my wife is up and about very early cannot be built in to a care package via social services.  A dom-carer comes in at 1000 for an hour.  I will be dealing with decorators but if needed, I could call in to discuss anything.
Ideally, you will phone 07952 060 505 or 01989 567001 with good news.
With best wishes
Alan F Harrison (Prof. ret’d)