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The aim of this page is to provide info about a DMC which has a minimal presence on the Meetingdem website.  It may help in planning another.


1      Staff

2.1   The entrance - a

2.2   The entrance - b

3      The kitchen

4.1    Sitting area

4.2    Jenga

5.1    Tables and pods

5.2    Reminiscence
6       More pics and info 

7       Leom publicity

1  Staff



2.1  The entrance - a

2.2  The entrance - b

The image above is from when the DMC opened.

The present arrangement >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You have one example of a publicity report.  

More at 7.


3  The kitchen

When there's a welcoming cuppa, it'll be made here.


Not on view is an office and a meeting room.

4.1  Sitting area

Almost opposite the kitchen is the main sitting area.

There's ten of us in this group.  It can reach sixteen.

4.2  Jenga

One of the activities in progress.  Lots of positive tension.   Google

The game price could come down from £15 to £5 or even  £0. Shed Talk makes it.

5.1  Tables and pods

One pod could be made by Shed Talk.

The partitions could be stored.

It would give a small private place for specialised activity.

5.2  Reminiscence


Two pods are for reminiscence activities.

Google for my later use.

The other pod is for massage and beautification.


There's a mod record player and a set of by-gone records in the far corner.

6  More pics and info 

Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Home page here.  Hidden pages.

7   Leom publicity

Leominster DMC July 2016 here

A NICE Telegram JUST FOR YOU here
 Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Publicity page here

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