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Leom pics                                                                                      hidden page for JP & JY only

Looking for the right opportunity via ADS to make this page public after stripping it of private text.  It will be retitled.

  1. An important Q for JY.  Do you consider that you and JP will be comfortable knowing that there is text here addressed to ADS without its knowledge?

  2. Before my wife and I leave the area, I hope you will have half an hour to discuss aspects of these two pages.  I also hope to see the resources being used by the team.  Say, before 1400 on Friday 5 Aug.

  3. Would it be appropriate for me to attend, even as observer, any initiation etc meetings?  I can give direct experience of a DMC.  We can return to Bede Village.

  4. Would you prefer this page to be password protected?

  5. OK re Lutterworth Dementia Meeting Centre page here pending go-ahead?  Title etc can change.


1      Staff

2.1   The entrance - a

2.2   The entrance - b

3      The kitchen

4.1    Sitting area

4.2    Jenga

5.1    Tables and pods

5.2    Reminiscence

6       The meals                )

6.1    The scenario            )       linked to separate page here     

6.2     A mild change         )

7        More pics and info 

8        Leom publicity

1  Staff


I have commented to ADS in the context of promoting DMCs - "Nothing kills momentum more than out-of-date webpages.".

Meetings summarised below the pic at source.

There are other staff and volunteers.

2.1  The entrance - a

2.2  The entrance - b

The image above is from when the DMC opened.

Nowadays, this is what visitors are welcomed with.

I have suggested that 2.1 is more suitable.

You have one example of a publicity report.  

More at 8.


3  The kitchen

When there's a welcoming cuppa, it'll be made here.

A frequent phrase in this website -

"In the carerworld, there's always a however." 

We'll come to making lunch.  

Not on view is an office and a meeting room.

4.1  Sitting area

Almost opposite the kitchen is the main sitting area.

There's ten of us in this group.  It can reach sixteen.

4.2  Jenga

One of the activities in progress.  Lots of positive tension.   Google

No reason the wood cannot be cut at home.

5.1  Tables and pods

The pods mentioned to JY are shown further down the main room.

5.2  Reminiscence


Two pods are for reminiscence activities.

Google for my later use.

The other pod is for massage and beautification.


There's a mod record player and a set of by-gone records in the far corner.

6  Meals   here

7    More pics and info 

Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Home page here.  Public pages.

8    Leom publicity

I have told ADS that there's too much anodyne Meetingdem-speak which A) is reader-unfriendly, and B) makes all the reports seem identical.   Making Meetingdem-speak come out the mouths of babes (councillors etc) doesn't have the same impact as from a four-year old.  It reads like marketing sound-bytes. 

Why not give those you want to speak, if you must, the Meetingdem-speak and ask them to put into their own words?

Best is to show them what happens and leave them to it.

The C) factor is that there is nothing from the mouths of clients of either type, or D) from staff.

C & D here - Leominster DMC July 2016 here

                     A NICE Telegram JUST FOR YOU here

D here -  Programme - June 2016 here

                  Programme - July 2016 here

See what I say when you read the Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Publicity page here

pagetop                  Leom pics here

                                 Leom meals here

                                 More pics via Leominster Dementia Meeting Centre Home page here    Public pages.