An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world




Week one

Wednesday 1st

AM Massage with Jemma

PM  Poetry with Jenny (for Poland link)

2-3, Family  Members Meeting (Tracey)

Thursday 2nd

AM  Bird Feeders/Birds/ tweet of the day

PM movement and Exercise


Week two

Tuesday 7th

AM – Yvie will facilitate another hot air ballooning debate, debating Scottish independence

If you have a suggestion for a subject to debate please write it in the suggestions book. 



Wednesday  8th 

 We have been open for a year !!!  Celebrate with us at our one year  anniversary,  with Travatory a local Troubador band 

PM Jeanette Art


Thursday 9th

AM 10.30-12.30 Valentine ‘Bring and Buy’ Coffee Morning .

PM. Table Tennis Exercise and stretching off after



Week Three

Tuesday 14th

 AM - POP UP VALENTINES CAFÉ  - with “Christof” and


Wednesday 15th

AM Percussion  - Massage with Jemma

(Back room - Herefordshire carers Support - Stress & Anxiety Management Session: Open for all family members & visitors Time: 10.30-12.00).

PM Members Meeting (Yvie)

Thursday 16th

AM  Meet up in the pub white lion




Week Four

Tuesday 21st


 Polish connections



Wednesday  22nd

AM   Exercise

PM Jeanette Art

Thursday  23rd

AM    11-12, Family  Members Meeting (Tracey)

PM  Pop up Museum


Friday  24th 

(10-14.00 - Potential Open Day for Crossroads - Carers Clinic, alongside a taster session for their ‘Active Living Day Support Service’ led by Jo Barker & her team. All LMC members welcome).




Week Five

Tuesday  28th

AM- Percussion

PM  Exercise

Wednesday MARCH 1st St David’s Day Welsh music and poetry followed by a welsh meal.

AM Massage with Jemma



AM  Plant Dwarf beans

PM   Exercise









Developments and achievements

·       We have now made our link with Poland via the courtyard with the art and poetry work that has been happening out of The Meeting Centre


·       We now have the use of the badminton courts, around mid-day every day.

So bring some trainers everyday if you are interested in getting a game, then provided more than one person fancies a game and there is enough help to go around the chances of those who are keen, playing a game at least once a week are now good 


·      We have been running for A YEAR can you believe it! In celebration of this achievement to local troubadours, TRAVATORY (Caroline and Darren) will be coming to sing with their classic guitars for everyone. This will really be a day not to miss

FEB 8TH 2017








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