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Update 19 Nov

PM has phoned to say that the problem is being dealt with.  No further work will be done on these pages.

If nothing else, the Incident  story needs urgent attention.

Update 19 Nov - Work Shop manager informed me on Friday 14 Nov  that I have been put on the priority list for the following (this) week.  Three days into the week - silence.

See also 1f.

  1. Preamble
  2. Incident
  3. PDI?
  4. The front ties
  5. The Update page
  6. A public J page
  7. Fish 
  8. Why put all this on a carer website?
  9. Conclusion

1   Preamble


This page deals with a recent purchase.  The company name and the vehicle name are omitted in case they turn up in searches.


It should be read in the context of the stress I suffer currently in my carer role.  more here.  No 12 includes positive comment re J.


It is not shown on that page that on Tuesday of this week, my wife's right-hip joint failed.  She cannot stand and needs constant attention.


Obviously, the last thing I want to deal with is a set of pages of complaint.  


I am committed to J in the sense of liaison to improve its success and to widening its opportunities for carers.


All openly accessible J pages to be agreed with J before publishing.  All hidden at present.  Update 19 Nov - a page may be opened with the J name prominent here.


Initially, things went very well.  You can look forward to reading about the Post-Sale Syndrome.


I have moved from a spirit of optimism  over creating a public page in J's name.  Let us work to its restoration.


No apologies are made when strong words are used.  If there was disinterest, I have used nonchalance, for example. People don't take any notice of disinterest.  

2   Incident 

The text was on this page and is  updated here.


Other issues


On 5 Nov, the tailgate was looked at.  Tim is organising a fitment to be replaced.   I asked if the tailgate could be operated electronically.  Was told no.  Had been issued with a set of notes and on page 6 it says yes.  What is going on?

3    PDI?  Part 1: Promises


When the car was paid for, a wheel knob was included FoC.  It was not included at handover.


Also not included then was the passenger seat.  The car contained a small wheelchair in addition to the normal one. PM informed me that the passenger seat would not fit in.  I dismantled the small wheel chair.  When the passenger was finally tied down, the whole small chair would have easily fitted in. 


Had I reached home to find these items missing, fury would have ensued.  J would have had to deal with them. I have done you a service and I'm at an age when I forget things.  


Clearly, there is an element of what I called in my marketing lectures - Post-Sale Syndrome.  The money's in the bank, let's move on.  Students were asked to relate their stories and several whiteboards would have been filled.


The audio/gps elements of the car are covered at 1 & 2  here.  As J doesn't handle them, I was informed that a phone number would be given.  It wasn't.


The Allen key in the notes is stated to be supplied.

PDI?  Part 2: Normal expectations or finesse?


It follows that all of Part I comprises normal expectations.


I hope that all J cars are handed over with the internal light in operation when a door is opened.  After picking up the car, I stopped half way home to read something.  Annoyingly, it took time.


The specific notes relating to the car beyond the handbook included sections inapplicable.  I hope that all J cars are handed over with easily workable notes.  It was necessary to ask questions to be told that sections are inapplicable.


It's quite easy to update text in such a document.  Better still to address it to the reader, add the date, add a phone number re problems/queries, and wish the named person well.  


So far, such wishes have not been put in writing.


"Am looking for a mirror to go on the tailgate on the near side." No. 3 here  Ignored - Post Sale Syndrome?

Nobody took the email and worked through it with me systematically.  It fell to me to ask questions about specific topics.  However, T was obliging over certain topics.


The car I bought doesn't relate to the advert.  See the red text under the graphic here.   In theory, J owes me a Front Passenger Service Seat.  What use would it be?

4   The front ties


Frankly, they are over-rated and over-priced.  Initially. I thought all the ties would be under toggle control.  When switched on, being taut is a normal expectation.  They have no retract facility.  The switch shows Off for ON and vice versa.


More at 5a and 5b here.  I should not have needed to alter the front ties.  


If I were time-shifted to return to the discussion, I would not have agreed to fitting them.

5  The Update page

It currently states:


She now has large new electric wheelchair to go in a new WAV. Very soon, I'll drive it into the WAV, press buttons to secure it, and away we go.  On arrival, chair on pavement, my wife is in control.


She'll be able to sit in the front passenger seat in her wheelchair having been driven  in, in it.  Brilliant!


Finding a WAV (see 2) has been an interesting process and a great result is due very soon.  I look forward to telling you about it.


There's another meeting with 4c soon and the person is the only Govt-official support I receive.      

See No. 12 here

6   A public J page 

At present, I find it difficult to consider a public J page on this website.  The car itself is great, achieving that via the service isn't.

7   Fish

As J backs Fish, it ought to know:

Initial enquiry produced a riotous price c £700.  I showed Kim one quote of £290.  Her price suddenly came down to £293. We agreed on £20 being added.   


8  Why put all this on a carer website?


I can alter text and add new topics as they occur to me.  


Who else will read it?  The person at 4c on the Update page and a very small number of others interested in helping me through a very difficult time.


I can pull down small parcels of text to put in new carer contexts.

9   Conclusion

I repeat:

I am committed to J in the sense of liaison to improve its success and to widening its opportunities for carers.

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