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Clearly, I believe in the J company.  MH was welcoming and that has been interpreted as a sign that suggestions might be welcome.  However, even if nothing comes from all this, I have enjoyed thinking about the possibilites.

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Update October 24 2014  here  See 2 & 11

In later pages there are links to this update but the numbering may need updating.

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Message from locked page here sent to Reception 24 10 2014  1022


See you on Monday.

Will bring the original wheelchair so a suitable vehicle is advised.

Lots to discuss here.  Sent you link via your home email. 

Won't be time on Monday.  We can arrange a date.

If you pass the link to Mike Holland, we can start the ball rolling on Monday.

Update 26 Oct - all set for arrival at Tame Bridge Parkway with wheelchair:  1056 on Weds.  

Will phone with news of alterations on the day.  If that station is inappropriate, please phone.



The Renault advert is here with related email text used on 20 Oct.

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