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Things are not going well.  There's a link to web pages under construction.  The following is extracted text of urgency.

Update 12 Nov at 2  - 11 Nov

1   Incident 7 Nov


The tailgate was checked by Jubilee on 5 Nov.  It didn't do then what it had been doing - dropping down.  More at 1 here.

I was told that the tailgate cannot be lifted electronically.  The notes Paul gave me are full of bells and whistles to that effect.


It has been necessary again to use a pole carried in the car.


I went to the local supermarket earlier today, parked and proceeded to remove my shopping trolley.  The tailgate was at its highest point and appeared to be stable.  As time was limited, I risked not using the pole.  With my back turned to the tailgate, I heard a female scream and looked round to see its owner picking up her specs.  Neither she or her husband were limited in comment, the latter being somewhat pugilistic in body language.  A small crowd had gathered.  Once things had quietened down I was able to proceed.


In anticipation of Jubilee making tracks in this direction it can takes its choice from asap, pronto or pdq.


The fact that I roam the West Midlands etc with a pole to keep the tailgate safe was received with nonchalance.  I made the point that it was OK on the day but prone to being a danger.


Am I a good advert for Jubilee needing a pole?

Tim is supposed to be sorting all this out.

2 - 11 Nov

The tail gate crashed to the ground yet again.  Id above is urgent before there is a nasty foot-accident.  It must be done on Wednesday 12 Nov in the morning. Anything less is unacceptable.

Update 12 Nov  - Taking the last sentence, I can see that is possibly unrealistic.  I await a call with interest and patience.


Best wishes