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In the hope that I will be at Jubilee c 1500 tomorrow, I hope that the tailgate can be looked at.  It drops.  Looking at the top, there seems room for additional height on opening.  Could the car be fitted with longer, stronger struts, please.   There may need to be a hanging strap.  Please advise price of remote unit to lift the tailgate.  It is needed.


Accepting that it is a van, I hope to reduce road-noise.  The offside rubber seal has been cut to give sight of the road when the tailgate is down.


Am looking for a mirror to go on the tailgate on the near side.


The ramp problems has not repeated itself since we spoke.  However, it would be worth checking.  A strap is advised.


The front chair ties now have carabini.  They are worth checking re insurance.  However, hooks are best.  Please replace.


The change is because I need a stool to sit and deal with seatbelt fittings. The switch at the rear for the front ties has been fitted the wrong way.


The ratchet ties at the rear demand that I kneel to secure them. Please replace with a hooked version.


The wheelchair  lives in the car.  To charge it, a cable goes into the car at the space referred to  at 2 above.  Can an external 240 v unit be fitted leading to a 13 amp socket, in due course?


Later, we need to look at the cupboard above the rear passenger seat.  Most  people find it a hindrance.


Is it full power steering?  It seems too hard for a disabled driver confined to using a knob on the wheel.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


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