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Dear SP                                                                                                               hidden page    29 Aug 2105


  1. If you have come to a set of webpages associated with my wife's dementia treatment for the first time, put the kettle on etc and then look at the Overview using the abbreviation 2g  here.

  2. An email was sent  to JT (Team Manager – Memory Service) and colleagues on 28 Aug.  In view of not receiving the assessment form from you in time and when expected, I contacted JL.

  3. The form is almost ready and I have made numerous annotations.  The JL email is repeated on the webpage you are about to read - foot of page.  It states that the meeting on 11 Sept is postponed as it is too near my wife and I returning from holiday. There is greater truth relating to not having had enough time for me to gather my thoughts and, later, you and I to go through the form before the formal assessment.  This we must do in the week beginning 14 Sept, ideally on the Weds afternoon. My wife and I find that week crowded already crowded.

  4. Another keeping my options open statement   is  " .. .. .. if my wife is sufficiently healthy."  As I went through the seventeen pages, I soon decided that my wife would never cope with being present at any assessment.  I would answer all the questions so she need not be there. Obviously, I will sign the form on her behalf.

  5. Further to "my wife would never cope with being present at any assessment."  Except, of course, as it says on the webpage "Not included in the email is 2g Caree assessment 17 August 2015 here."   I have included it in your reading matter to give you a more detailed picture in your mind of my wife. 

  6. Which leads us nicely into an actual picture in your mind of my wife and when you will meet her.  Once you and I are in agreement as to the assessment form content and you go away to draft it,  we can arrange the date for when you meet .

  7. Update for all readers 31 August - Dementia Triangle of Care  here  
  9. Letters to GP - account written on 1  9  2015  here

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