An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Update 29 Jan

Public upates

28 Jan a 2015 -  My wife's health here  No. 7 is repeated now.  I propose to visit the OT Dept at Ross Hospital on Friday.

Inevitably, the range of Teresa’s medical appointments has new components. District nurses are regular visitors.  I have been trying for weeks to discuss matters with an Occupational Therapist and there may now be one on the horizon (as is physio¬therapy).  " 

28 Jan b 2015 - The cost of care - a preliminary here    Perhaps we can look at this topic once HCS is being dealt with.


When I reread the original page, I had typed     Updates at Jan 2014       which made comprehension more difficult.

When we meet, we could highlight what you feel able to cope with and I'll produce a Word doc of bullet points. 

JB = the Director 


Extract 1 - Songs

Extract 2  - This website

Extract 3 - I. T.

My carer needs - new topic

Extract 1 - Songs

6a  Songs and website help


JB - on Carers Rights Day 2103 included a singer who led the audience in one song.  That inspired me to recyle songs for such events and local groups etc. See Recycled songs Home page here JB allowed me to use them twice only.  See earlier negotiation at the 1a  link shown    The link shown is out of date so no need to see it.  It is  here. if we need to discuss it.

 Update 19 Jan 2015

At 6a/1 it says

"Carers Rights Day 2103 included a singer who led the audience in one song."

In spite of all the encouragement spread over a year, to use my songs, the same song leader was used again at an event in September of 2014, .  It affected me greatly and I left the meeting.

If only one point can be made to JB, it is this one about songs.  No doubt she will claim that my songs had been forgotten when the content of the meeting was being discussed.  She may go as far as saying that no offence was meant.  Feel free to reply that if I were at the meeting I would contest the claim vigorously.  It is patently obvious that there is nothing to support it.  She has never responded to emails on the subject of using my recycled songs  here .

There is more on songs on the original page but let's move on.

Extract 2  - This website

10  Anti-carerworld site

10.1  JB  and one local worker spent two hours (Nov 2012)  in my local library trying to persuade me to eliminate this website.  The meeting was recorded.   No need to tell her about the recording.

One notable interaction within the meeting

JB spoke for a minute or two on a topic and conclude by asking me to feed back my understanding of what she had said.  I replied that I had understood all that she had said.  I felt that she was treating me as an imbecile.

She was against this website from the beginning.  "We don't need another carer website."  I have not engaged with her on the topic but HCS cannot comment on the politics etc within the carer world.  As I said on Jan 22, this type of action is what academics include in their activities.  in my case, the intention is to increase carer understanding in ways which HCS cannot do.

Extract 3 - I. T.

11  I.T.  

Lip service  was paid to my request to give a session looking at these questions:


  1. Do we need computers?
  2. Do carers need computers?
  3. Do carers need other aspects of Information Technology?
  4. What are the downside aspects of IT?
  5. How will we follow-up the session?
  6.  Some useful links 

as seen here.  No. 5 here ignored.  

The important difference between HCS and my approach to enabling carers to use the Internet is that HCS restricts help to conventional computer courses.  You have seen the Emperor etc pages here and here and now some of my other pages which are also aimed at motivating anyone to learn about IT. here  and here and here.  The Ross Group was given an HCS restricted look at IT but I had a slot of ten minutes and covered a little of what you see here.

I sent JB info before attending a seminar with this title 

From Strategy to Practice: Improving Dementia Care – Touchscreen Technology             

In which there is 

Touchscreen technology such as the iPad affords new
opportunities for both restorative memory and interaction
although a dearth of research currently exists. 

Many carers using HCS have carees with problems which can be assisted with the skills etc learned from this project.

  more but skim it  if needed     

Carees with cognitive issues could use, for example, doodle buggy here

The aim of inviting her to the seminar was to explore how such developments in IT could be adapted within HCS.  As usual, there was no reply.

I have recently attended a seminar which focused on how mobile phones can be harnessed to the carer situation. This would help HCS is its endeavours and I could make a presentation showing this.

My carer needs - new topic

They are not being met by HCS.  I can no longer feel comfortable in events such as this and this.  The latter is local in Ross and it is my main local communication with other carers.  The January meeting of HCS Carers was held in a local GP surgery.  I missed it for the above reason re comfort.  The previous meeting was in May 2013.  I presented a paper but no information relating to it was included in the Minutes.  I pursued the matter with the Mins Sec to no avail.

More about the Ross Group is here.  I have not been to any meetings following the songs debacle in September.  I have not touched this website since.  It was my main local support.

Until JB and I have discussed ways in which my status within it is improved, I remain unhelped.  You are kindly paving the way.

The situation relating to my wife's hospitalisation can be discussed.

Updates as follows but only if need any more detail than your memory.

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