An exploration of the UK carer world

                                   The carer world is a series of mountains 


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This page comprises an update (1) and the original text of 2013 ( 2 in the yellow panel).  Quote specific items in emails etc by using 1.1.3 - 2.3.5 etc.

1 Update July 2016

Dementia Meeting Centres

I could shout from rooftops and the mountain tops about how good they are!

1.1  Dementia Meeting Centres based on the success of 125 DMCs in Holland, ideally, are being introduced to the UK.  "Ideally" since there is a research project going on and initial results will not be available until early 2017.

The UK Meeting Centres are at Droitwich - 1.2 - and Leominster here  here .  

This is what happens:

1.2  Droitwich


• Recreational and social activities, such as reading the newspaper, painting, singing, preparing lunch and shopping and client-suggested activities  

• Training and therapy, such as reminiscence, dance, music and movement.

Family carers

• Informative meetings.

• Discussion groups.

• Assistance with practical, emotional and social issues.

For both clients with dementia and their carers

• Weekly consulting sessions.

• Social activities and excursions


1.3  The key points of person-centred care are:

  1. treating the person with dignity and respect
  2. understanding their history, lifestyle, culture and preferences, including their likes, dislikes, hobbies and interests
  3. looking at situations from the point of view of the person with dementia
  4. providing opportunities for the person to have conversations and relationships with other people
  5. ensuring the person has the chance to try new things or take part in activities they enjoy.
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2   Original text - 2013 



This website stems from this carer's experience which started in 2000.  Many carers at the start probably get on with the role and take no action to obtain help and advice.  When it becomes more difficult, they begin to assess what is involved.  A typical opinion is that provision and regulations are all a jungle.


One aspect of provision is regionalisation and each county is different.  Readers might type "carer support" followed by their county, into Google etc to see what is available.


  1. This website aims to provide a greater understanding of the unpaid/informal carer role in the public mind. 
  3. It provides a database for carers at whatever stage they are.
  5. It invites carers and anyone else who has anything to say, to contribute to its content.  

  6. Many pages use a paragraph etc numbering system, which, itself, aims to introduce page content and also to make referencing easy within emails and phone conversations etc.

  7. When sending emails, talking on the phone, at another computer etc, the easy-to-remember site address is very useful.  


                   "If you look after a relative, friend or neighbour who because of illness, disability or the effects

                     of age, cannot manage at home without help then you are a carer..."

There will be many quotations and they will show where to see more.  


We leave this page from where we came in.  The "header graphic" here aims to portray what may be going on in the carer's mind.                         


  • On the left we see some carer qualities   

  • On the right there are less positive aspects to be considered:      
  •          exasperation when things go wrong

  •          the feeling of being invisible 

  •                                   within a jungle of provision


  • The website is a database for confirming blue-text topics and for finding red text solutions 

  • The site aims to provide resources for carers which will enable for them to feel that all is not lost.

  • Well-known songs have been recycled to be sung when carers meet.  

  •             Singing them on your own is permitted within carer regulations.

  • Enjoy the website.  It's a  one-stop shop window.  

  • The floors in your shop are in the horizontal nav panel.  Their departments are under the page graphics.

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