An exploration of the UK carer world

There may be more caring than loving if a neighbour or friend is concerned but that needn't diminish the quality of care.  Many, if not most carers, look after a loved-one.

Their world is made up of a huge array of obstacles, systems and uncooperative people - not too many such people, though.  Some carers learn how how to be resilient through sheer determination.  

As we'll see, some are reduced to shaking their fists at the system.  Many feel invisible.  Nobody listens to them.  Nobody cares for the carers.


not forgetting

 in a jungle


We'll see, however,  that many care about the carers.  It's finding them that's the problem for many carers.

Meanwhile, we soon start to look for whoever is lost in the blue patch of jungle.

4  Why this website? 

4a  The jungle

That word receives special treatment.  

If there is one single factor which causes problems (for carers I speak to) more than any other it's  fighting their way through the red tape tied around too many sections and components of the system.  Sooner or later, the tape feels as if it is choking.  No wonder they feel they have no voice.

On this website, we voice our frustrations - in song.



The site aims to provide resources for carers which will enable for them to feel that all is not lost.



The final comment relating to the "Why this website?" question  is:


Creating pathways in the jungle doesn't keep the wild animals at bay.  Help me label paths which lead to food and water.



5  Enjoy the website

It's an undeveloped framework which will be explained.  


Alan F Harrison (Prof)




Site created 17 Sept 2013 and updates are here



6 - PS

The group 2c above - retired carers is where I belong. They are the focus at present.

I hope to offer opportunities, carer experience but not carer expertise. My professional interests included  the use of food and drink in various contexts within society.  I contribute a page or two to a quarterly  food & wine magazine.  



7  PPS 

Life is a long-enduring RORO social experiment.  The inputs change from time to time, sometimes without our control.  It's what emerges, the changing outputs that matter.

Here's a roll-on - roll-off ferry.  All aboard!



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