An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

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Depending on how much you hope to cover musical aspects of dementia therapy, you could look at the much-revamped Song and music therapy page here     It's via the Updates page 30 June for general readers.

Under 7.1 is Songs and music for special needs situations Home page here  where I'm in my tank and boat.

                                                                           The patients are very keen on Songs that won the wars here

Under 7.2  are songs for carers - You might like Joshua at the Battle of Red Tape Square

The lamb ram sheep horns began to blow
And the trumpets began to sound
And Joshua commanded, "Now carers, shout!"
Just forms came tumbling down                                                     I hope you are singing!


All the carer songs which are easily adapted to other groups of singers

  1. Clap your hands  This well-know tune starts the ball rolling.
  2. The hot-water bottle song  We recruit Fagin and Bill Sikes to help keep four feet warm all night
  3. Carers, carers, (dem) carers  You guessed it!  Sing it soon to see how your knee-bones are connected.
  4. Joshua at the Battle of Red Tape Square   When Joshua fit the battle, he didn't know what he had started!  
  5. We're the happiest carers in town   here 

It doesn't matter if you can't hum, sing or play or even don't know the difference between  "God save the weazel" and "Pop goes the Queen".    Intro here

I've had years of finding the "musical centre" of new groups of carees and aim to make life fun for all I meet in the musical therapy context.


Thanks due to you and I enjoyed our session.

You'll probably realise that I'm saying something now to be on the safeside.

Any specifics re adults with learning difficulties must not reach public attention.

They include mention of the profoundly deaf caree and the one singing Loch Lomond while I was piping.

more - Songs and music for adults with special needs here


About my wife's cake.  I haven't had a reply to my proposal..


When writing about what happens at a DMC, you could select from


  1. Make Do and Mend.  Bring in your mending and polishing

  2. Harp demo and chance to have a go with visiting musician

  3. Take your turn Ceildh / music by members

  4. Gentle exercise that promotes co-ordination and balance

  5. Another visit from a hedgehog for those who missed her

  6. Planning workshop

  7. Woodwind with John, John also plays quite a few instruments,  . . , he is offering woodwind sessions to all those interested

  8.  “The Games People Play” Old and new Games, played and discussed 

  9. Don’t forget that we can eat together any day; £3 per head can be pooled towards a shared meal.

  10. Remember that everyday can be tailored to suit you, the idea on the plan tells you generally what’s on, you can of course use the memory rooms, do your own thing, ie plant outside, cook, read, go shopping, go out for a coffee with other members etc 

         more if needed here



When time permits, here is a page devoted to HT.  It's long.


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