An exploration of the UK carer world

Leaflet issued at Parent Carer Voice event, 6 December 2013        


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  1. The carer world
  2. More cuts
  3. A louder voice needed
  4. MP question time
  5. Wider involvement in improving the carer presence in the public mind
  6. Additional to the leaflet   -   Further to No. 2  -  Cuts
  7. Campaigns (info for the general reader)
  8. Legalities    (info for the general reader)
  9. More links


The carer world  posted in your browser takes you to a website which demonstrates the attributes  of  the unpaid carer.  However, the less-than-joyful aspects confirm the need for a gathering such as today. Go to the Updates where you will find a link to today’s proceedings.  There will be a summary soon.(At latest noon on Weds 11 Dec .)  

Update noon 11 Dec - an email has been sent to a group member.


2   More cuts


The front page of the latest edition of the Hereford Times highlights yet another aspect of making the unpaid carer’s life more difficult. 


We’ll need to pay more just to park at the hospital.  See 1 here     More importantly, on page 2 of the 5 December edition, it faces a health check. See 2 & 3  here  Jesse Norman actively pursues our interests in this respect   see 2 & 3  here  and the Editorial urges him to continue.  Worse for us, however, is that child care cuts are to hit hard. See 9 below.

3   A louder voice needed

Those of us who went to the Herefordshire Carers Support Carers Rights Day (CRD) event  a week ago know that unpaid carers have a good voice in the House of Lords thanks to Baroness Pitkeathly.  Towards the end of the conference it was shown that we have no voice in the press. here  Opening many newspapers on the day, there was no mention of CRD and the nearest topics concerned the reduction in health care provision, and people suffering at the hands of the NHS.  The “big society” hasn’t been covered for a long time. here

4   MP question time 


Can our MPs here today tell us if we must rely to a greater extent on our community?  Last week we were told we are likely to be in control of toilets.  Are those doors a closure too far?  Such was the concern, someone emphatically remarked that we don’t want to use hedges.    see 4w  here


Many of us may have been drawn to today’s event to hear how the Care Bill here and existing provision caters for us as parent carers in practical terms.  What can our MPs tell us?  To what extent will there be greater support for the voluntary organisations?  What does “the positive empowerment of individuals” actually mean?  Above all, how can unpaid carers make their voice louder within Westminster and the above jungle ?    

Phone numbers were shown.



The website seeks wider involvement in improving the carer presence in the public mind.  The more it is used the sooner search engines find its topics. more

Encourage others to join the carer world.

Send emails*.  Use the link on the left to obtain up-to-date leaflets.  Spread the word at meetings.  Sing the songs.


I thought you'd like to know that there is a website devoted to the unpaid carer world here.



Further to No. 2 Cuts - above, see 4f, 4t, 4u, 4v and 4w  here and   Letter from Alistair Neill, May 2013 here.



Campaigns (info for the general reader)


One of the parents had distributed a letter sent to Lord Nash on behalf of parent-carers of disabled children in Herefordshire.  


Lord Nash as Schools Minister more and Edward Timpson  are among the targets of campaigns here here here more.


More on Edward Timpson   Minister for Children and Families   in context  Letter to Christine  


Legalities (info for the general reader)

Children and Families bill 2013  Progress  

Other info including Acts here including 

               Learning Disability Partnership Boards  here  here   here  failings here  here   source         

               Minister announces requirement on schools to support pupils with medical conditions here.

9  More links

  1. Children - Intro here 
  2.                In care plus here 
  3.                nothing there on the child as carer 
  4.                new rights for vulnerable young carers here.
  5.                young carers here

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