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Herefordshire Carers Support - Parent Carer Voice - 6 Dec    Leaflet issued on the day here 

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Local MPs accept Parent Carer Voice invitation    Jesse Norman Big Society book  Bill Wiggin

The Herefordshire Carers Support Winter Newsletter gives this announcement on the front page here.  

Finding useful material is hampered until mid-January due to the Herefordshire Carers Support website being under updated.  The first three links here do not work.  The fourth link - 2012, tells us about short breaks on page 10  here

More recently, "A Hereford mum who battled against the odds to care for her child has seen her hard work rewarded.". here.  

Even more recently - 

The work of Parent Carer Voice was introduced by new Chair Heather Pyne, who presented ‘One size doesn’t fit all’ a short but very moving film made by Parent Carers, which will be used to help professionals gain a better understanding of what it means to be a Parent Carer.  Page 2 here.  More on page 10.

On Friday 6 December there'll possibly be more on Short Breaks Decision Time as discussed at the Parent Carer Voice meeting on Thursday 13 November, 10.00am-12:30pm at the Kindle Centre, Asda, Hereford. Commissioner Bridget Cameron attended. 

National website here.  Various events etc here. more

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Do you have a child with special needs, a disability or a life-limiting condition? If so, you are not alone!  here + helpline

Special Educational Needs here.        List of Acts and other resources  here  

Don't forget to book  -  Booking essential - please call Sue Black 01432 356068 

A "carer" search in the Herefordshire Times the day before Carers Rights Day resulted in this paid-carer article, an article on a new college for disabled adults, and a "Christmas wheelchair present for happy boy" thanks to the Lions at No. 6 here. 

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