An exploration of the UK unpaid carer's world

 The local focus

One aspect of provision is regionalisation and each county or principal area is different.  

The local focus for readers in or on the borders of Herefordshire begins here,  progresses to here, and narrows to here.

Readers elsewhere might type "carer support" followed by their county, into Google etc to see what is available.

Archive here

Herefordshire Carers Support  here.  

         Carers Rights Day here     Summary covering  proceedings to half-time here.    No press voice here       

          HCS Carer Forum - 17th July 2014 here 

HCS Carer Forum - 17th July 2014 here

Carers Rights Day HCS   2013

HCS Parent Carer Voice event on 6 December 2013 here.

15 July 2014

HCS Carer Forum - 17th July 2014 here

MIR readers - a page will be created once material comes through from HCC.

3 March

HCS Ross Carer Support Group  I T  page here