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GP surgery inspections reveal practices that put patients at risk  -  

Inspections by the Care Quality Commission find third of practices fail at least one of required standards.

Evidence of medical records left lying around, vaccines not kept at the right temperature, and dangerously dirty rooms with maggots found at one practice, have all been uncovered during inspections of GP surgeries, an official report reveals on Thursday.

The inspections of 1,000 surgeries across England since April by the Care Quality Commission found "some examples of very poor care", with "very serious failings" found at nine surgeries. Some of the problems were so serious that patients' safety was endangered, with some potentially at risk of dying.

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'Maggot-infested' GP surgeries exposed by inspectors

The first national inspection of more than 900 GP surgeries in England has found one in three is failing to meet basic standards.

The Care Quality Commission unearthed failings in some practices, many of which had been selected after concerns.

It said it had found examples of poor standards in the handling of medicines and cleanliness, with maggots found at two surgeries.

Overall, concerns were expressed about a third of practices.

In nine cases the failings were so serious that they could "potentially affect thousands of people", the CQC said.